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Culture and Discovery

Travel and physical disability in Madagascar

Unfortunately, most of the tourist sites in Madagascar are not equipped to receive visitors with physical disabilities, it is therefore very difficult for persons with re...
Simon Hoffmann16 October 2015

Poste restante Madagascar

Anecdotes about problems with Malagasy postal services abound... Here are a few tips to help you understand the workings of the post office for mail coming into or leavin...
Servane Rig3 October 2015

What to bring back from Madagascar

A list from a traveller who doesn't like "souvenirs".... On my way to Madagascar I realised that this country had a hold on the imagination of my family and friends, even...
Aline Gernay29 September 2015

Some books that will help you understand Madagascar better (part 2)

Find out more about Madgascar through the eyes of different authors.
Aline Gernay14 October 2015

Some works that can help you understand Madagascar better (part 1)

Explore Madagascar through the eyes of different artists.
Aline Gernay11 October 2015

Celebrity on the Red Island

Here is my "top ten" of the 10 most influential people in Madagascar! Between historical and contemporary figures at this time of social networks, here are my thoughts on...
Servane Rig3 October 2015

Cultivation of rice in Madagascar

Discover an important facet of Malagasy culture! Rice is a grain that is of particular importance to the Malagasy people: it holds economic, cultural and social significa...
Simon Hoffmann17 September 2015
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