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To help prepare your Madagascar trip, the Evaneos team has designed a Madagascar travel guide. You’ll find a host of cultural and practical information, previously unpublished, to help you plan your stay. What are the best places to visit on the Red Island? Or, where can you go...To help prepare your Madagascar trip, the Evaneos team has designed a Madagascar travel guide. You’ll find a host of cultural and practical information, previously unpublished, to help you plan your stay. What are the best places to visit on the Red Island? Or, where can you go off the beaten track? With stacks of travel advice to help you plan your trip according to your timetable and what you’d like to do and see … there are also many useful tips for your trip: What are the seasons in Madagascar? What is the local currency? What are the health risks? Do you need a visa? What are the security conditions like when you visit Madagascar? Can you travel with children? What traditions and customs should you learn about before your visit? You’ll find answers to all these questions, (and lots more) in this practical guide to Madagascar.Continue reading

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11 Inspiring Trip Ideas in Madagascar
  • Off the beaten track
The big adventure trip
Madagascar is a pretty big place and the usual quick getaway is simply not enough to make the most of it. Instead, we propose a 21 day journey...
Length21 daysApprox.$3,740
  • Highlights
Rainforests hikes and ocean sailing
Discover the flora and fauna of Eastern Madagascar during 7 days of nature immersion! Explore well-known sites such as...
Length7 daysApprox.$1,330
  • Highlights
Best of Madagascar
Discover the best of Madagascar heading south along the famous national road number 7. Prepare for 17 days of deep cultural...
Length17 daysApprox.$2,400
  • Off the beaten track
Diego and Nosy Be
Begin your active Madagascar adventure in bustling Antananarivo. After a restful night, set off towards the Bays of Antsiranana. Spend...
Length14 daysApprox.$3,210
  • Highlights
Paradise Islands of Nosy Be
Jewel of the Indian Ocean, Nosy Be was voted the 8th most beautiful island in the world. Portal of an archipelago composed of a dozen wild islands,...
Length14 daysApprox.$1,760
  • Highlights
Landscape, rainforests and beaches of the north
This is an itinerary rich in contrasts which passes through Amber Mountain National Park, the Baobab forests, the red Tsingy canyon, the gray Tsingy...
Length17 daysApprox.$2,990
  • Highlights
Rainforests and Whales to Île Sainte-Marie
Discover the eastern regions of Madagascar and ignite your spirit of adventure with a visit to the Pangalanes Channel – a historical route that...
Length14 daysApprox.$3,360
  • Highlights
The Icons Of Madagascar
This 3 week tour will make you discover the eastern, the western and the southern part of the island. During the visits, you will have the...
Length21 daysApprox.$3,900
  • Adventure
Hike From The Highlands To Makay
Set off on an unforgettable highlands and wilderness discovery! Head across Andringitra Mountain, shrouded in local folklore and standing at a...
Length15 daysApprox.$1,250
  • Highlights
The Extraordinary South Coast
Discover the extraordinary south coast of Madagascar - offering the greatest variety of landscapes, climates and ethnicities in one fell sweep. From...
Length12 daysApprox.$1,600
  • Adventure
Canoeing Journey Down Manambolo River
Venture deep into the heart of 'The Ménabé Country,' a beautiful region situated in the west of Madagascar. From the...
Length10 daysApprox.$1,090
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Travelling to Madagascar: final tips and advice

Discover the wonders of Madagascar by taking a road trip like no other. The tour starts in the Highlands, the geographical, historical, political and cultural heart of the country! Along its backbone, hills on occasion are sculpted to form rice terraces... Heading north: the first stop is the Andasibe National park and its 16,000 hectare reserve. You’ll enjoy endless wonders in this unique natural setting! The North also offers beaches and notably the Nosy Be Archipelago. This area, sometimes called the Tahiti of the Indian Ocean, holds many underwater and coastal treasures. Next stop, the east coast, and its thousand and one legends. You’ll love Nosy Boraha, or Saint Marie Island, which was previously the landmark for dangerous pirates sailing the Indian Ocean. Between deserted beaches and fishing villages, you can enjoy trekking, swimming and diving courses with the option to go whale watching! In the south east, the climate becomes warmer and more humid, charged with coffee, clove, cinnamon and peppery aromas. The bush is dense and alive here... Further south, you’ll find fishing villages and beautiful diving spots in the surrounding area of Tulear. Your last destination in this tour of Madagascar is the land of savannah and baobab trees. The wild west is ruled by trails and rivers... the coastal beaches enjoy a milder climate. Take in the paradise of the beautiful beaches of Ifaty or Manguily that offer amazing scenery backdrops to a crystal clear sea…
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