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Practical information on Antsirabe

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4 / 5 - One review
How to get there
About a 100-mile car or bus ride from Antananarivo
When to go
Between April and October (dry season). Hurricane danger between late December and mid-April.

Reviews of Antsirabe

Julie Sabatier Seasoned Traveller
73 written opinions

Antsirabe gets its name from "Any sira be", which means "the place with much salt". It rises to an altitude of nearly 5000 feet, and its hills are surrounded by thermal springs rich in mineral salts, perfect for a relaxing time during your trip.

My suggestion:
Travellers note immediately upon arriving that Antsirabe is the rickshaw capital! It has the largest number of them per capita. Enjoy a little stroll through the city in a rickshaw.
My review
Antsirabe, the third largest city in Madagascar, has a population of around 200,000 people. Its colonnaded buildings are remarkable. You can also visit the Ambalatolampy foundry where you can find a treasure made of copper or aluminium or meet the zebu horn craftsmen. To protect themselves from dust, they are fond of the eye masks that are passed out on aeroplanes. Don't get rid of yours, and you'll make them happy!

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