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An update from Evaneos

The Makay: for adventurers in search of a lost paradise...

For a journey far from the beaten path and from any trace of human presence, the Makay massif of southern Madagascar remains one of the last gardens of Eden on Earth. This maze of canyons is part of one of the most unexplored areas on the planet and provides scientists with a unique laboratory of biodiversity. The narrowness of its gorges and the steepness of its slopes requires perseverance and adaptation of those who wish to discover all its hidden treasures.

Inaccessible but true, unreal but true!

To reach this mysterious mountain massif, a long road journey of 5 to 8 hours offers you the chance to soak up the atmosphere of the Highlands of the Big Island, by taking the famous National 7 from Tana: the rice terraces and the red houses with thatched roofs, the foothills of the Andringitra massif, followed of the immense rocky plateau of Ihorombe. It is the occasion to observe rural and farming life, with its vast herds of zebu and the fields where the women are always busy ploughing the land to cultivate cassava.

After a stopover for the night in Ranohira, at the gates of the "Great South" and the granite massif of Isalo National Park, you quickly leave the paved road behind. From here on, the 4x4s change their cruising speed and set out for an adventure worthy of the "Camel Trophy". The joys of a chaotic, uncomfortable ride are guaranteed for nearly 200 kilometres or approximately 6 hours, alternating river crossings and passages through the sand banks along Mangoky River.

It's the price that has to be paid for Malagasy adventure!


A trek that demands commitment in a remarkable work of nature...

This is the ultimate trek for adventurers in search of unspoilt nature. The effort is rewarded with each step forward. Only a privileged few have the chance to venture into this isolated region that has been cut off from civilisation for millions of years.

The range of light and shades of colour alone offer a spectacle for meditation, from the red ochre of ruiniform sandstone to the azure blue of the roaring rivers and natural pools, not to mention the intense green of the inaccessible forests.

Throughout the entire journey, from the south of the massif to the north, the diversity of landscapes will enthral you, starting with the mountain lakes and the sandstone plateaus covered with arid vegetation and the rivers nestled several hundreds of metres below at the bottom of canyons that have been dug out by erosion.

This is the privileged territory of scientific and archaeological research

Long undiscovered, this mineral fortress is a veritable sanctuary for wildlife and flora and which has revealed only a tiny portion of its mysteries to the rare scientific investigations. 8-metre-long crocodiles inhabit the lakes and water courses, lying in wait for their next victim. Meanwhile, birds of prey keep a watch from the cliff tops

and the squawking of parrots rises from the bottom of a gorge. In the caves, bats stand guard over millennia of unidentified rock paintings. Here, everything is mystery, gigantism and immensity, where man feels as vulnerable as if he were about to embark upon a journey into the centre of the earth. Before the advent of any civilisation. At the origin of the world.

A short "logistics" guide for the trekker/explorer...

Due to the total isolation and the autonomy it requires, this unique adventure of a little less than ten days is reserved only for the most experienced trekkers who are not afraid of discomfort and intense effort. But it also for those who have the stuff of explorers and who have always dreamed of wild, inaccessible spaces.

Considered as a real athletic commitment, this trek is characterised by the diversity of the terrain: soft sand, knee-deep crystal-clear water, climbing and abseiling, all in a hostile environment under incessant heat. Nevertheless, beyond the technical and physical difficulties that require both balance and agility, each day brings its share of adrenaline and surprises, which make for so many happy memories to share around the evening camp fire on the sand beaches. When solidarity and conviviality reign. With this feeling of having experienced an extraordinary adventure that is simply unforgettable.

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