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What to do in Croatia?

Croatia is a small treasure for all inquiring travellers: you will have the opportunity to discover a beautiful blend of nature, culture et turquoise waters. Diverse and unspoilt scenery, towns bursting with history and an intact coastline, all the rocks, pine forests and coves await you for your arrival. The cherry on top: the Croatians are welcoming and curious people, rich with a tasty, culinary tradition… You can explore the country from the north to the south, or even from the south to the north: there are 1700 kilometres of coastline and several 1,200 isles & islands that you will have to discover. You will go from isle to isle on your own boat and you will stop there to have a stroll: the beauties of nature reveal themselves, and on many of the islands… this scene will not just be for you! Croatia also has eight national parks, as well as occasional encounters with unblemished fauna and flora. The destination is perfect for those who want to alternate between idle relaxation and sport, for example by spending time between tranquil sailing and hiking… And finally, this beautiful country is appreciated for its sublime towns, where the architecture will delight you. The capital, Zagreb, for example, is a subtle balance between historical wealth and modern town living…
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When to go in Croatia?

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Start planning your honeymoon in Croatia

Croatia embodies romance through its dreamy architecture, gorgeous coastline, and idyllic islands. Croatian culture, meanwhile, encompasses elements of neighboring countries while remaining unique. Walk through ancient forts in historic port cities, explore remote islets, or relax on a quiet beach. Evaneos' local English-speaking partners will create a customized itinerary based around your interests.

What makes Croatia a great honeymoon destination?

Croatia is among southern Europe's stand-out destinations for a magical honeymoon, complete with upscale hotels, luxury spas, and world-class restaurants. With all the elements for a romantic getaway - sprawling beaches, pretty harbors, and unspoiled islands - Croatia offers unparalleled opportunities to enjoy a heavenly honeymoon.

Best honeymoon activities and experiences in Croatia

Croatia is dotted with sleepy medieval towns and lined with sun-kissed beaches. With bundles of Mediterranean charm, it offers limitless possibilities when it comes to relaxation and exciting adventures with your loved one. For a little inspiration, consider the following honeymoon spots:

Wander the charming streets of Dubrovnik

Sitting on the glistening Adriatic sea, Dubrovnik is among Croatia's most romantic cities. Wander through the winding alleys of its dramatically-situated old town in either the quieter morning or evening hours. Then round the day off by savoring some seriously fresh seafood in one of its many charming restaurants.

Be pampered in Lošinj

The island of Lošinj has transformed itself into one of the Mediterranean's most trendy spa destinations. Often incorporating the island's natural herbs, an array of treatments and spa 'rituals' for two are offered at Lošinj's relaxed, boutique hotels.

Explore the herbs of Susak

Susak is one of Croatia's most seductive islands, with remote, palm-lined sandy beaches that contrast with Croatia's more crowded islands. After visiting its pristine beaches, take a cocktail mixology lesson where you'll learn all about Susak's botanical herbs.

Visit the vibrant Hvar

Hvar is where trendy bars rub up alongside charming Gothic palaces, while water taxis transport you to idyllic islets. Rent a two-person scooter to reach the crystal-clear blue waters at Grebišće, one of the best honeymoon spots in Croatia.

Escape to the Croatian Riviera at Rovinj

The pastel-colored buildings that sit along Rovinj harbor are a gorgeous backdrop for a romantic meal with your beloved. Or for dinner overlooking ancient Venetian towers, choose Tipico Old Town, where specialties include sumptuous squid ink risotto or irresistible carpaccio.

Tips for planning a honeymoon in Croatia

For the ideal honeymoon in Croatia, avoid the 'high season' months of July and August, as that is when the coastal resorts welcome cruises and large numbers of visitors. The best time to enjoy a Croatian honeymoon is in September or May, while the ideal length of stay is ten days, providing the opportunity to explore both Croatia's charming towns and remote islands. It is also worth remembering that Croatia has three public holidays in late June (on the 20th, 22nd and 25th), meaning most amenities may be closed over these days.

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