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A summer hotspot in Europe, Croatia is an equally exciting getaway in the fall. Especially if you’re seeking a quieter break with fewer crowds, and cooler temperatures. There are plenty of activities to partake in, such as film festivals, truffle festivals, and hiking. Plus, there’s lots of baroque art and architecture waiting to be admired. 

Why should I visit Croatia in the fall? 

The transformative fall season in Croatia is often quiet and provides a unique experience for travelers, with glorious gold and red leaves as well as quiet, secluded beaches. If you’re looking to avoid big crowds and enjoy the country’s attractions in a more relaxed manner, fall in Croatia is the perfect season. 

The best things to do in Croatia in the fall 

Thinking of spending fall in Croatia? Check out some of these great things to do in the country during this beautiful season.

Cycle along the coast  

Adventurous travelers will love cycling along the coast of Croatia. With the dry and cool weather of the fall, this is the perfect season for visitors to conquer the coasts, and it’ll likely still be warm enough to take a refreshing swim in the sea. Stop off at some of the country’s best beaches on your route. 

Indulge in seasonal food on the Istrian Peninsula 

The truffle hunting season begins in September in Istria. The peninsula is famous for its truffles, which are dug from the ground and cooked into many of the local dishes year-round. The Istrian Truffle Days are held to celebrate the start of truffle season, so go along to find your own delicious fungi and taste it in some traditional Croatian food.

Attend a screening at the Zagreb Film Festival 

Movie buffs should head straight to the Zagreb Film Festival for their fall Croatia trip. The event is held every November and it showcases a vast range of local and international movies in some incredible locations around the city.

Admire the color around Plitvice Lakes National Park 

The Plitvice Lakes National Park, an area with hundreds of waterfalls and glistening pools, can be overcrowded during the summer season. But in fall you will no longer have to jostle for space on its many beautiful boardwalks. Visitors have the chance to stroll through this national park in solitude, admiring the glorious burnt red and bright gold colours of the changing leaves.

Visit an art colony in Lokrum Island

Croatia has hundreds of islands along its coast, perfect for an island-hopping trip. But art lovers should go to Lokrum Island in October to take part in an annual celebration of all things creative. There are workshops and exhibitions of local artists. This island is a short ferry ride from the Old Town in Dubrovnik, so it’s easily accessible on a Croatian city break.

What's the weather like in Croatia in fall?

The weather in Croatia during fall is still quite warm, with average temperatures ranging between 66 to 68°F. However, rains are to be expected, and come nighttime, the temperature drops drastically. If you’re a keen swimmer, don’t be disheartened, the seas are still warm in fall so you should still be able to take a swim until mid October at least.

When to go in Croatia?

Croatia has two different climates. On the coast, the climate is Mediterranean: winters are pleasant and summers are hot. Further inland, winters are very cold and summers are hot and stormy. The best time to visit Croatia is between May and September: the weather is glorious and the sea is warm enough for swimming. For those who don't like crowds, avoid the touristic coast during July and August. And beware of the wind throughout the year!
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