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What to do in Croatia?

Croatia is a small treasure for all inquiring travellers: you will have the opportunity to discover a beautiful blend of nature, culture et turquoise waters. Diverse and unspoilt scenery, towns bursting with history and an intact coastline, all the rocks, pine forests and coves await you for your arrival. The cherry on top: the Croatians are welcoming and curious people, rich with a tasty, culinary tradition… You can explore the country from the north to the south, or even from the south to the north: there are 1700 kilometres of coastline and several 1,200 isles & islands that you will have to discover. You will go from isle to isle on your own boat and you will stop there to have a stroll: the beauties of nature reveal themselves, and on many of the islands… this scene will not just be for you! Croatia also has eight national parks, as well as occasional encounters with unblemished fauna and flora. The destination is perfect for those who want to alternate between idle relaxation and sport, for example by spending time between tranquil sailing and hiking… And finally, this beautiful country is appreciated for its sublime towns, where the architecture will delight you. The capital, Zagreb, for example, is a subtle balance between historical wealth and modern town living…
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When to go in Croatia?

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Start planning your beach vacation in Croatia

Located along the sparkling Adriatic Sea, Croatia is an outstanding destination for a beach vacation. From charming pebble beaches perfect for snorkeling to idyllic stretches of golden sands, there's a beach in Croatia to suit every traveler.

What makes Croatia a great beach destination?

With long, warm summers and a long coast lapped by the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is a haven for sunseekers and beach bums. Across Croatia's beaches, there's a laid-back and family friendly atmosphere, so couples and families alike will love this beach destination. You're also never far away from a fabulous seafood restaurant, historic site, so make Croatia your next beach vacation.

The best beaches to visit in Croatia

Most Croatian beaches are easily accessible, while others might require a short, but worthwhile, hike. Below are some of the best beaches in Croatia. 

Hide away at Mali Bok Cove

Within the village of Orlec, this pebble beach sits behind steep rocky cliffs. A short hike leads to clear waters, fantastic for snorkeling. Carry snacks and refreshments as there aren't any cafes around.

Sail to Sakarun Beach

Known for its white beaches and crystal waters, Sakarun Beach is fondly referred to as the Croatian Caribbean. It's located on Dugi Otok island, stretching 2,600 feet across. A pine tree forest lies in the vicinity, offering shade, and there's a cafe, bar, and a fast-food restaurant.

Stroll to Sveti Jakov Beach

Sveti Jakob Beach is located only a mile from the Old Town in Dubrovnik. Walk or take a bus to the seashore and you’ll find the stairs leading down from Sveti Jakob Church. There’s a laid-back beach bar and restaurant, and outfits offering sea kayaking, beach volleyball, and jet skiing.

Visit the ever-changing Zlatni Rat

On the island of Brac, a mile from Bol, lies Zlatni Rat, or ‘Golden Horn’. This sandy promontory changes in size as the wind, tides, and water currents shift throughout the year. There's a Mediterranean pine grove nearby for shade, and the waves here are perfect for surfing. You can also take a scenic cruise around the area.

Pupnatska Luka's blue waters

Just south of Korcula town, you'll find Pupnatska Luka Beach, which is almost 330 feet long. It's a mixture of pebbles and sand, with beautiful views over remarkably blue waters. It's easily accessible from the road connecting the villages of Cara and Pupnat.

Tips for planning a beach vacation in Croatia

Croatia gets incredibly busy during summer, so try to avoid July and August when the majority of tourists descend on its beaches. Instead, come in May or September for warm sunshine and quieter days. With pebbled beaches and sea urchins about, pack water shoes for your beach walks. 

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