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Best places to visit in Tanzania

Tanzania is a vast country best known for its safaris, which are among the most spectacular in the world, thanks to its remarkable landscapes and its rich wild fauna. However, let's not forget its Maasai tribes with their many traditions and above all, Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa. Tanzania is also known for Zanzibar, which justifies its reputation as a tourist paradise.

The capital, Dar es Salaam, is a brief stop for newly arrived travellers. Bustling and unpleasant, it is of no particular interest. On the other hand, the north of the country is the most touristic, in particular the Arusha region. The country's second largest city is located at the foot of Mount Meru and most notably of Kilimanjaro and therefore serves as a base for climbers for whom it will take anywhere from 7 to 10 days to reach the summit. Green coffee plantations are spread out at the foot of the mountain.

Not far from Arusha, is the famous Serengeti National Park (straddling Tanzania and Kenya) known for its plains where you can watch the migration of thousands of wildebeests and plenty of lions. Within this park is the famous Ngorongoro crater, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as spectacular for its animal safaris as for its scenery. Still in this same region, you can visit the national parks of Tangire and of Lake Manyara.

Offering sunbathers a state of serenity, beautiful Zanzibar is a top destination to enjoy lovely deserted beaches.

Continental Tanzania is more difficult to visit, nevertheless you can go on an adventure to discover the huge national parks of Selous and Ruaha, located in the country's centre.

Experienced travellers will venture off the beaten path to the shores of the lakes which mark the country's boundaries: these are the three largest lakes of the continent! Let's start with Lake Victoria, Africa's largest, then we continue the length of Tanganyika, to finally end in the south with Lake Malawi, which marks the boundary with the country of the same name.

Camille Griffoulieres
Bwejuu (Tanzania)
Bwejuu is a small remote village between Paje and MIchamvi on Zanzibar's southeast coast, known for its paradisiacal, totally wild beach.
Fanjove is the main island in theSongo Songo Archipelago where you can stay in luxury in the island's only hotel.
Kendwa (Tanzania)
At around 60km north of Stone Town, Kendwa is a relatively quiet little town. It's beach is one of the best in Zanzibar.
Mafia Island is magnificent and wild, with an earthly charm and beautiful underseas.
Mount Meru is a volcano situated near Arusha , and near Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya , the two highest summits in Africa. Moreover, it is the 4th highest summit of the continent, culminating at an altitude of 14967 ft.
Of the numerous national parks Tanzania has to offer, Mikumi is not the largest, but it is famous for the variety of animals to be found there, and because it is very easy to reach from Dar es Salaam.
At 5895 m in height, Kilimanjaro is the African continent's highest summit. Whether from the air (in a plane) or from the ground when attempting its ascent, it draws the eye irresistibly.
Ngorongoro Crater is the largest unfilled caldera In the world. This volcanic depression is a must-see stop when on safari in northern Tanzania. The topography and biodiversity here are unbelievable.
Paje (Tanzania)
Paje is one of Zanzibar's most popular villages, especially with young kite surfing enthusiasts and also with backpackers as it is one of the island's cheapest beaches, just like neighbouring Jambiani.
Ruaha (Tanzania)
This National Park in the centre of Tanzania is the country's second largest behind the Serengeti National Park. The wildlife there is very wild and the savanna enchanting landscapes. It is famous for its elephant population.
At 335 km from Arusha, the vast plains of the Serengeti stretch across nearly 15,000 km 2.
At an altitude of 5,895m, Uhuru Peak is the highest summit on the continent. It takes several days (between 5 and 9, depending on the trail you choose) to reach the roof of Africa.
Even if you avoid the tourist sites, you can't afford to miss Stone Town. With unique architecture and culture, the town is a must-see stop-off point in your Tanzanian itinerary.
Lake Manyara, located in the reserve sharing the same name, is surely one of the most beautiful lakes of the African continent. The wealth of its ecosystems make this a popular place for observing rich wildlife. A place that will delight the whole family. 
Zanzibar (Tanzania)
Zanzibar is one of the symbols of exoticism. With African, Arabic, Indian and Portuguese influences, the Island has something to dream about, if the dream wasn't ruined by the realities of mass tourism.
Barafu (Tanzania)
Lying seven hours' walk from Barranco and perched at an altitude of 4600 m, Barafu is the last place you can seek refuge along the Machame route before the final ascent of Kilimanjaro.
A 7 hour walk from Shira Camp, Barranco is half way along the Machame trail, which leads to the summit of Kilimanjaro.
A woody national park in the East African Rift Valley that boasts a lake and an incredible concentration of wild animals, Manyara is a must for safari fans.
Lake Natron is off the main tourist trail and I highly recommend a visit. It's the biggest breeding ground for dwarf flamingos in Tanzania and East Africa!
Muyuni (Tanzania)
The magnificent beach at Muyuni is located in the far north of Zanzibar, just across from Mnemba Island and not far from the village of Matemwe.
Pemba is an island that is part of the Zanzibar archipelago, but is not very touristic. It is not overrun with hotels like its neighbour and has remained very authentic.
It's famous for its large elephant population and massive baobabs, and yet the Tarangire National Park is one of the least visited in northern Tanzania.
Karatu (Tanzania)
Karatu is a village situated between the national parks of Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater , in the northern part of Tanzania, near Arusha .
Lake Victoria is Africa's largest lake, the heart of the "African Great Lakes". In Kenya, its region is one of the country's least touristic: the lake is mostly dedicated to fishing and its industry. However it is bordered by beautiful green hills.
At 90km from Arusha, Machame is the departure point for hikers beginning their ascent of Kilimanjaro, along the trail that bears its name, the Machame route.
Matemwe is a village north-east of the island of Zanzibar known for its luxurious hotels. It is located opposite the Mnemba island.
A medium sized town on the former East Africa slave route, between Dar Es Salaam and Dodoma, Morogoro is a great stopover near the entrance to the Mikumi National Park.
Mweka (Tanzania)
Located 10 km from Moshi and 90 km from Arusha, Mweka is the finishing point for trekkers who've hiked the Machame, Umbwe or Shira routes. These days it is prohibited to begin the ascension from here.
At 6km from the Machame camp, the Shira Plateau, at 3,840m high, is where the Machame and Shira trails meet. So it's a busy place.
Arusha (Tanzania)
Arusha is the tourist city par excellence in Tanzania. It's the major centre for the organisation of safaris to the northern parks and for climbs of Mount Kilimanjaro.