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The most important information when travelling in Brazil

In this article you'll find information that's essential if you're planning a trip to Brazil, as sometimes missing out a small detail can ruin an amazing adventure...

Culture and Discovery

Passing through border controls in Brazil

When getting ready for your trip to Brazil, make sure you check out the do's and don'ts for crossing the border! Here's some useful advice to make sure everything goes sm...
Delphine Teisserenc28 May 2015

How do you get around during a trip in Brazil?

A considerably large country, Brazil has developed an efficient transport network and has adapted as well on an urban level as it has nationally. Given the distances, som...
Caroline Guibert22 November 2015

Tips to help you budget for a vacation in Brazil

Although always considered a cost-effective destination, prices in Brazil are continually going up. Even so, the country caters for all budgets and meets all needs, from ...
Delphine Teisserenc2 September 2015

Brazil as it is today

Although it's one of the world's greatest powers, Brazil is tormented by political, economic and social conflicts that have led to country-wide security problems. That sa...
Delphine Teisserenc28 May 2015

How to behave politely in Brazil

A vacation in Brazil will give you the chance to discover the habits and customs of a wonderful country, but make sure you don't shock the locals with gestures and behavi...
Delphine Teisserenc28 May 2015