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Culture and Discovery

Discover Peru in all its splendour

An untouched paradise and Latin American icon, Peru immediately evokes images of the Incas. From the legendary Machu Picchu to the streets of Lima, Peru's tumultuous hist...
Jeanne Brette9 October 2015

Solidarity and responsible tourism in the unmissable Sacred Valley.

During any holiday in Peru, visiting the Sacred Valley is essential but this time, why not take a different path and discover something exceptional? Here are two responsi...
Emilie Couillard2 October 2015

Religion and beliefs in Peru

When official religions mix with ancient beliefs. Here is a little about the daily life of the Peruvians.
David Debrincat28 September 2015

Etiquette, customs and attitudes in Peru

Some information about customs and etiquette in Peru. How one should behave in the country.
David Debrincat27 September 2015

Thinking about public transport in Peru

Here is some useful advice about the various means of public transport available during your holiday in Peru.
David Debrincat27 September 2015

Travelling in Peru with a disability

Have you always dreamed of exploring Peru? Even if you suffer from a disability and a trip requires careful planning, don't give up the dream. On the contrary, you're li...
Emilie Couillard2 October 2015

Peru: an incredible honeymoon destination.

Peru is a stunning destination, with a great deal to offer and something for all tastes. So this Romantic Peru, where is it? That's for you to decide, depending on your i...
Emilie Couillard22 September 2015

Travelling in Peru with a local English-speaking guide

A trip to Peru can only be even more memorable if it's made whilst accompanied by a local English-speaking guide. You no doubt already know that Peru is home to many wond...
Emilie Couillard22 September 2015

Typical Peruvian drinks

In this article you will find a description of some typical national drinks that you can try in Peru.
David Debrincat28 September 2015

Peruvian hat and Pisco: souvenirs from Peru

Although the first thing you think about is a Peruvian hat, there are lots of other things in Peru: carnival masks, ceramic vases, colourful're bound to fin...
Tiphaine Leblanc14 September 2015
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