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Best places to visit in India

A trip to India guarantees a real change of scene and the presence of a big cultural shock in many senses. Smells, colours, heat and the crowds disturb perceptions and upset your emotions. India can leave you with unforgettable memories if you are well prepared.

The community of seasoned Evaneos travellers give you their advice. You'll discover their favourite stop-off points and especially a wealth of tips of the best way to behave because India is somewhat... disconcerting the first time round! There are as many trips in India as there are travellers so make the right choices. That said, nothing stops you from going back there again and again. It is said that the majority of travellers can no longer go without it!

A trip to northern India often starts with Delhi, the capital, and with the Taj Mahal in Agra. It's up to you to choose between the luxurious Mysore Palaces in the touristic region of Rajasthan, or immersing yourself in Hinduism around Varanasi, the cradle of this religion and the prettiest city in India, famous for its ghats on the Ganges River.

Not as exotic but more rich, the southern part of the country seduces for its backwaters in Kerala. It's also an opportunity to relax for a week on the mythical beaches of Goa's hippies.

In the summer months, you can get to the Buddhist region of Ladakh from Srinagar in Kashmir. That's where you'll find the best treks in the world in the mountains around Leh. For an off the beaten track trip, head t the North-East of the country, in the Ziro Valley and on the island of Majuli.

It's up to you to browse pages for inspiration and create a spiritual, historical, cultural, out of the ordinary trip... in your own way!

Julie Olagnol
Calcutta (India)
To Westerners, Calcutta has the image of the '"misery capital" of India. That's the result of many literary works and movies. However Calcutta also has immense cultural and intellectual wealth.
Goa (India)
A former hippy magnet, the state of Goa remains one of the biggest tourist hotspots in India, thanks to its stunning beaches.
Mysore (India)
At 140km from Bangalore, Mysore is home to one of the most lavish Maharajah's palaces in India.
Varkala (India)
This coastal resort, which is becoming increasingly popular with tourists and the Indian middle classes, has some beautiful beaches and impressively steep cliffs.
Belur (India)
The town of Belur lies around thirty kilometers to the north of Hassan and owes its fame to its Hoysala temple.
Gulmarg (India)
Gulmarg is the ski resort in Kashmir, not far from Srinagar. It attracts masses of Indian tourists.
Nagar (India)
Himachal Pradesh, a small village in the Kullu valley, set in a superb forest landscape.
Ooty (India)
A Tamil Nadu mountain station established at the beginning of the 19th Century by British colonists and surrounded by tea plantations, Ooty has stunning scenery that's perfect for walks.
Trichy (India)
As with Madurai, Tanjore and Chidambaram, people visit Trichy, in Tamil Nadu, for its temple, the Sri Ranganathaswamy.
Mumbai (India)
Located 1,500 km from Delhi, Mumbai is a frenetic, energetic, voracious, and disarming metropolis of 20 million people that is undergoing exponential, uncontrolled development. Shocking, intoxicating, and fascinating, Mumbai never fails to leave a mark on its visitors.
Ajmer (India)
Just 12 km from Pushkar, Ajmer is an important place of pilgrimage. The city is actually a center for Islam in India.
Lying 400 km from Mumbai, Aurangabad is the ideal city from which to visit the caves of Ellora and Ajanta.
Bhopal (India)
Capital of Madhya Pradesh, tragically made famous by the industrial catastrophe that occurred there in 1984.
North of New Delhi, Chandigarh is the capital of of the Punjab and Haryana.
Delhi (India)
The bustling and turbulent capital of India, situated at the heart of the country. 
A small village in Uttar Pradesh, well-known for its Hindu and Jain temples.
Dibrugarh is an important city of Assam, in the style of Guwahati, near the border with Arunachal Pradesh.
Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim. It's a favourite with Indian tourists who fancy a trip to the mountains without wearing themselves out.
Guwahati is the gateway to India's Northeast, which lies well to the east of the states of West Bengal and Sikkim.
Haridwar is one of seven sacred Hindu towns and, in my opinion, not the most interesting. That said, the local Indians were, as they are everywhere, adorable and the food yummy (very spicy too!).
Itanagar is the largest city in Arunachal Pradesh. You need to make a little detour from the route that takes you from the valley of Tawang to that of Ziro in order to get here.
Kalimpong is a medium sized town in the north of West Bengal, close to border with Sikkim.
Kollam (India)
Kollam is a city located at the southern end of the Kerala backwaters. Like Alleppey, it is the ideal place to come to if you want to spend a relaxing time on and by the water.
The beach, the beach, the beach. Where did India go?
If you're on a big tour of India, Calicut is a great first stop in the lovely region of Kerala. It's also the departure point for trips to Wayanad, which is slightly further north.
Kurseong is a town located very close to Darjeeling. You reach it by taking the Toy Train and there are some beautiful tea plantations to visit and tour in the area around it.
The capital of Uttar Pradesh, located right in the heart of the country.
Mandawa, the main city in Shekhawati, a region located in the northeast of Rajasthan, is famous for its havelis (private mansions) and its fort.
A nature reserve in South India between Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
Rumtek is the best excursion to take from Gangtok, in the southeast of Sikkim.

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