Tango, Buenos Aires
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Tango, Argentina
Hands playing an accordeon in La Boca, a traditional neighborhood of Buenos Aires

Move to the rhythm of the tango in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires pulsates to the rhythm of the tango. This dance, which was born in the Argentine capital at the end of the 19th century, animates the city's streets all hours of the day and night. Make sure to take in a dinner-tango show in a milonga, a hall dedicated to this musical art. Novices can take their first dance steps thanks to classes offered in these establishments. After this, you'll be ready to hit the dance floor alongside the porteños, the inhabitants of Buenos Aires.

The tango is also performed in the streets. The best way to immerse yourself in this festive atmosphere is to go to Plaza Dorrego to admire the dancers. From the terraces of the surrounding bars, you can enjoy the show in the shade and savor this typical scene of Buenos Aires life. If you are in the neighborhood, we suggest taking a detour through the San Telmo market to taste the local specialties while soaking in the musical rhythms.

The ideal place to discover all the different styles of tango is in La Boca, the famous working-class neighborhood of Buenos Aires. Tango dancers and street musicians enliven the traditional alleys, including the Caminito. In this veritable open-air museum, the colored facades are the backdrop for your musical stroll.

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