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Wetlands in Nature Reserve Esteros del Ibera, Argentina
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NATIONAL PARK ESTEROS DEL IBERA, CORRIENTES, ARGENTINA - NOV 25, 2014: Wetlands in Nature Reserve Esteros del Ibera, Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, Corrientes, Argentina
Marsh deer (Blastocerus dichotomus) in Esteros del Ibera, Argentina

Relax and unwind in nature at the Iberá Reserve


The impressive Iberá Natural Reserve, located in Northeast Argentina, is the second-largest wetland area in South America. Here, animal lovers can observe the reserve's authentic wildlife ecosystem.

Get closer to nature and immerse yourself in the flora and fauna protected by the immense Iberá Natural Reserve with the help of our local agencies, who can arrange a stopover in Estancia San Alonso.

A cattle ranch until 1996, this lodge is now a haven located in very close proximity to the national park. From the lodge, the reserve can be reached through a sand pathway and then by boat. Along the way, you will notice the remarkable biodiversity of the area.

Once you reach the park, you'll spot birds, monkeys and deer. We recommend a boat tour along the banks to enjoy a closeup view of the caimans or the adorable capybaras. These creatures, who reach up to four feet in length when fully grown, can be seen in groups along the waterfront.

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