Yerba Mate inside a Butternut Squash
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Person giving a bowl of yerba mate to a young woman

Share a maté with the locals

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A typical infusion from Argentina, maté is above all an excuse for meeting and sharing. This drink is prepared in a gourd called bombilla by pouring hot water over yerba maté, a herb that grows near streams at medium altitudes. Enjoy the beverage with a metal straw that also acts as a filter. Usually, the maté consumed by Argentines is bitter and not sweet. The habit of enjoying hot or cold drinks can vary, depending on the region.

When you are invited to drink maté with Argentines, you will share the same gourd, which is passed in a circle among the guests in a counter-clockwise direction to go against time. The tasting can be accompanied by facturas, which are typical pastries or preceded by an asado, the Argentine barbecue.

If you wish to experience this ritual, some of our local agencies can offer the opportunity to learn how to prepare maté and empanadas with an Argentine family. This is the ideal opportunity for meeting the local people and for immersing yourself in their culture.

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