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Gaucho with a herd of sheep in Patagonia
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Three Gauchos riding Horses in Argentina
Horse in traditional house of San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires

Ride the pampas like a gaucho


The gauchos are to South America what cowboys are to the Wild West. The gaucho culture is firmly rooted in the pampas, and you only need to drive 75 miles. from Buenos Aires to get to San Antonio de Areco where the gauchos live. When you get there, spend the night in one of the old colonial-style farms. You can explore the surrounding pampas on horseback, a horse-drawn carriage or by mountain bike.

Immerse yourself in authentic regional traditions by participating in the asados, which are South American barbecues where meat is grilled on iron crosses. You can also take part in the ritual of maté. This typical tea is a part of the Guarani Indian culture and is served in a gourd. It's then passed around a circle in a counter-clockwise direction so that your stay among the gauchos passes a little more slowly.

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