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Hikers in La Leona, a petrified forest in Patagonia, Argentina with dinosaur fossils
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Parc Provincial d'Ischigualasto Canonballs, Argentine
Paysage des montagnes de Talampaya

Follow in the footsteps of dinosaurs


Argentina boasts numerous fossil deposits that date back to all the prehistoric periods. Two national parks in the northwestern part of the country, Talampaya Park and the Ischigualasto Provincial Park, both abound with geological oddities, making these World Heritage sites truly unique. Amid petrified forests, trek through a singular landscape made up of fossilized wood and the remains of prehistoric animals.

Walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs in the province of Neuquén, located at the Chilean border. This area has been nicknamed Dinosaur Valley due to the number of fossils it contains. At the Egidio Feruglio Paleontology Museum, you can experience a journey through the evolution of life on Earth, starting from the appearance of microorganisms to the first humans in Patagonia. The museum offers more than 1,700 fossils and 30 dinosaur exhibits.

In this same province, some of our local agencies offer a visit to the Lago Barreales Paleontology Center where you can receive an introduction to palaeontology and explore a dinosaur dig site.

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