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"Cathedral Rock (La Catedral), a cluster of chiselled needles and pinnacles, is one of the many red sandstone formations carved by wind and rain erosion in the Talampaya National Park (Parque nacional Talampaya) near the town of Valle Fertil in the La Rioja province of Argentina"
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road and red rocks in talampaya NP argentina
Talampaya´s National Park

Travel back in time in Talampaya Park


Talampaya National Park, located in the province of La Rioja, is full of geological and archaeological treasures. You can visit this UNESCO World Heritage Park on a guided tour.

This unique place is known for its geological formations. Among the monumental masses of red sandstone, you can admire the Gothic Cathedral, a rock formation composed of many spires rising more than 200 meters. You can also enjoy the impressive echo inside the natural chimney in one of the cliffs.

Visiting the fossil landscapes of Talampaya Park also means traveling back in time to see traces of the region's first inhabitants. These early inhabitants have left their mark in the form of rock carvings, including petroglyphs that depict hunting scenes. If you prefer seeing real animals instead of these stone ones, here you can also spot several local species such as maras (Patagonian hares) or guanacos (a cousin of the lama).

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