Southern Right Whale flipping its tale in the Valdes Peninsula in Argentina; Concept for travel in Argentina and Whale Watching
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Magellan penguin, Puerto Deseado, Santa Cruz, Patagonia Argentina
female sea lion seal on Patagonia beach while roaring

See whales and penguins in the Valdes Peninsula


Animal lovers, the Valdes Peninsula is the place for you, where rare species have taken up residence on this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Boat trips from Puerto Pirámides (October to December) will take you on an adventure to encounter gigantic southern whales, or get an even closer look and go diving with the sea lions. Undersea excursions are also available for introducing children to the various marine animals.

The peninsula's microclimate is also a home to rare animal species, such as elephant seals, which you can view on the peninsula's beaches from an observation tower. Magellan penguins have settled in the Punta Tombo nature reserve and you can see them around the pingüinera.

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