Devil's Throat at the Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil
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Aerial view of the Iguazu Falls. View over the Garganta del Diablo the Devil's Throat
Iguazu falls, 7 wonder of the world in - Argentina

Cool off with a visit to the Iguazu Falls


The magnificent Iguazu Falls are located at the border between Brazil and Argentina. This wonder of nature, consisting of 275 waterfalls, provides a stunning spectacle of rainbows and clouds of spray. We suggest a hike in the Iguazu National Park to discover the tropical flora and fauna.

The jungle, which is particularly fertile thanks to the water from the falls, is home to rare species like jaguars, tapirs and toucans. At the end of this route, you will reach the foot of the falls where you will be greeted by the impressive crescendo of water.

Discover this exceptional site from several perspectives, from the wilder Argentinian side, or from the Brazilian side where you will have the optimal panoramic view. You can also choose to reach the site by taking the Tren Ecológico de la Selva, the ecological rainforest train, which travels at a slow speed, allowing you to truly appreciate the park's scenery.

This train will take you right to the spectacular Devil's Throat, the tallest of the waterfalls. You have the option to choose the water route by climbing aboard a speedboat that will take you the Iguazu river for a closeup view of the falls. This adventure is sure to leave you feeling refreshed.

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