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Chinstrap Penguins (Pygoscelis antarctica) and a rock in Half Moon Island of the South Shetland Islands
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Blue Antarctic cruise ship in the lagoon and Gentoo penguins colony on the shore of Barrientos island, South Shetland islands, Antarctic peninsula
Coastline covered with lots of small gentoo penguins and snow mountains peaks, Barrientos island, South Shetland islands, Antarctic peninsula

Explore the Antarctic Peninsula from Ushuaia


Embark on an adventure south of Patagonia and into the Antarctic Peninsula. By contacting one of our local agencies, you can depart from Ushuaia on an icebreaker ship that will serve as your accommodation for the entire expedition. The unique landscapes of the Tierra del Fuego will be just out of reach, and you'll navigate through the Beagle Channel and visit the fascinating Harberton Ranch. Here, at the world's edge, you may even encounter some penguins.

True adventurers will jump at the chance to pursue a polar expedition in the heart of the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands. There, you'll see panoramas unlike anything you've seen before: endless expanses of white, monumental hills, and unique fauna unfurl before your eyes.

The brave can jump from the boat into 32°F water, an activity often proposed by the crew during the passage from the peninsula. You can also reserve an overnight stay and sleep outdoors on the White Continent.

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