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Best places to visit in Egypt

Travelling through Egypt, you'll discover a fascinating country enriched by a culture spanning a thousand years. A dream destination in which there are numerous unmissable sites.

In order to help you prepare for your trip to Egypt, the Evaneos community is your greatest ally thanks to its many reviews of the various stop-overs you could make during your stay. You'll be able to plan your holiday in a stress-free way and in just a few clicks – what could be more convenient?

There's no doubt about it, the valley of the kings at Luxor will be at the top of your list of places to visit due to its splendid temples and necropoli, listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. Let's not forget the legendary pyramids of Giza and the megalopolis of Cairo, with its prestigious past...

For a trip certain to waken the explorer deep within, continue with a dromedary ride through the White desert, scuba diving in the Red Sea, an authentic cruise at Elephantine between the islands of the Nile valley, or by discovering the impressive pyramid of Saqqarah and the temple of Kôm Ombo, with its famous crocodile mummies!

A trip to Egypt also means experiencing a diverse society with a mix of tradition and modernity, steeped in the Egyptian literature of Naguib Mahfouz, winner of the Nobel literary prize, at Alaa El Aswany, a clear witness of Cairo's contemporary society. You'll learn how proud the Egyptians are of their ancestral past, and you'll meet hospitable and warm people, open to conversation over a good meal. Egypt boasts an impressive culinary heritage, rich in Syro-Lebanese, Greek and Turkish influences. Don't forget to try the local Egyptian specialities: mezze (a selection of hot and cold hors-d'oeuvre), mahshi (various vegetables stuffed with mince), kofta (mince meat skewers), kebab (grilled lamb)...


Latéfa Faïz
The Abu Simbel temples are located at the border with Sudan.
Abydos (Egypt)
Abydos is a famous necropolis , the main place of worship of Osiris.
Al Qasr is a fabulous medieval Ottoman city located at the Dakhla Oasis.
Aswān (Egypt)
Aswan is considered to be the gateway to Egypt.
El-Bahariya is an oasis in the western Egyptian desert.
Cairo (Egypt)
Cairo is the capital of Egypt.
Dakhla (Egypt)
Dakhla is a wonderful oasis located in the Eastern Desert.
Dendera (also called the temple of Hathor) is a magnificent temple which was built at the end of the Pharaonic period.
The White Desert: an unusual desert with its colours going from white to cream.
Elephantine is one of the Nile Valley islands near the city of Aswan.
Of world renown, Khan El Khalili is Cairo's great souk. It is an essential attraction to visit while on a trip to Egypt.
Do not miss the arrival by boat at Kom Ombo, the village which houses the Sobek and Haroeris temple.
Luxor (Egypt)
Luxor was the capital of Ancient Egypt and called Thebes.
Mentioned in all the tourist guides, Saint Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai is a must-see during your stay in Egypt. Located at over 1500 metres of altitude, it is still active today.
Siwa (Egypt)
The oasis of Siwa covers 1600 square metres in the Libyan Desert. It is the largest oasis in this desert. Due to its proximity with the Libyan border, the 12,000 inhabitants of the oasis have their own language and culture.
Whale Valley, "Wadi Al-Hitan" in Arabic, is an arid area located in the Egyptian Western Desert.
Wadi El Rayan is a protected national park extending over an area of 692 square miles and located to the southwest of the Faiyum Oasis.
Minya marks the boundary between Upper and Lower Egypt.
The Red Sea is one of the most famous coastlines in the world.
This desert is bewildering with its dark colours, quite unlike your usual desert.
Edfu (Egypt)
Edfu houses a temple dedicated to Horus, the second largest sanctuary in Egypt.
El Kab (Egypt)
El Kab
El Kab is located in the south of Upper Egypt, on the banks of the Nile between Esna and Edfu. It is one of the most important sites of ancient Egypt.
Esna (Egypt)
Esna is a farming town located on the west bank of the Nile.
Al Farafrah is the only real locality of theFarafra oasis.
The Farafra Oasis is the most isolated oasis in the Western Desert.
Sea, diving, fish and sun: the Red Sea is the dream destination for divers and those who love coasting the waters by boat.
Kom Ombo is a superb temple at which you can see and admire the famous crocodile mummies.
Marsa Alam is a small town located on the shores of the Red Sea.
Marsa Matrouh is a nice seaside resort on the Mediterranean coast.
Daraw (Egypt)
Daraw is a small village in the south of Upper Egypt.

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