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The natural treasures of Thailand

Thailand is not one of the most popular destinations in Asia by chance!

Geography and climate

This south-east Asian state, which borders four countries: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia - is clearly divided in all our atlases into four distinct regions: in the north, the mountains and the jungle; in the north-east, bordering Laos and Cambodia, the arid plateaux; in the center of the country, the plains that provide fertile land for rice growers; and finally, the southern peninsula, dotted with idyllic islands and their crowded beaches. 

Vitally important to the economy, thecentral region of Thailand, which is sometimes known as the "Rice Bowl of Asia," is also where the majority of the population is concentrated. In the south, along the Gulf of Thailand where the country's longest river , the Chao Phraya, flows into the sea, skyscrapers tower over Bangkok, a labyrinthine city of over eight million.

Thailand exists in a humid, tropical climate, as a result of which the year can be roughly divided into two seasons: the dry season, which lasts until April, and then monsoon which lasts until November.

In the country of birdlife and orchids

During your adventure in the land of smiles, you will come to realize that Thailand is a destination that is full of surprises if you're interested in the local fauna and biodiversity. With its nature reserves and national parks, the country plays host to species that you can normally only admire while watching a nature documentary, including elephants, leopards, and monkeys. Nonetheless, Thailand's fauna is most often referred to in tourist guide books when discussing the country's 1,000 species of birds, of which two-thirds are non-migratory. Species such as the blue-throated barbet or the grey wagtail have names that are as poetic and captivating as their colors are beautiful.

The floral treasures are just as much in the spotlight, with natural forests that cover no less than a quarter of the country. This figure gives some indication of their vastness: botanists have identified more than 25,000 species of flower throughout the kingdom. If you could only pick one throughout your adventure, it would have to be the orchid. It is the Thai national symbol.

Rodolphe Ragu
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Updated 28 May 2015
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