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Best places to visit in Oman

Oman isn't a very large country, yet there are lots of sites and towns to visit. You'll never have enough time to discover them all. Oman is a country you'll go back to at least twice: the first time to discover things and the second time to appreciate this exotic and warm country even more. 

Amongst all these things to see, there are, all the same, numerous "must-see" sites, in particular, the capital Muscat. The secondary cities situated a few hours' drive from the capital are also places filled with history and in full development, such as Sur, Nizwa and also Rustaq.

For those who love nature and treks in arid mountains, there are also magnificent sites, such as Jebel Akhdar and also Jebel Shams. Numerous rivers, called Wadis, sites not to be missed during your trip to Oman. Idyllic scenery right in the heart of the desert. You can choose between Wadi Shab, Wadi Bani Khalid and also Wadi Tiwi, which are among the most breathtaking sites in the country. 

You'll have realised by now that Oman is a multifaceted country, offering just as many city visits as rural getaways. You only have to design your trip depending on what you like to do, whether it involves traditional cities or dry and green nature. To help you, travellers who have explored the country give you their opinions and advice, what they preferred, their ideas to prepare your trip for the best and lots of other information to ensure you have a successful holiday in Oman.

Al Hamra is a small town built in the earth, located at the foot of the Jebel Shams, the tallest mountain in Oman.
Jebel Akhdar ("Green Mountain") is part of the Al Hajar mountain range. It is characterized by terraced crops and vegetation in a rather hostile climate. This stopover will delight lovers of nature and hiking. 
Jebel Shams (Sun Mountain) is the the Sultanate of Oman’s highest point at an altitude of 3000 meters.
Misfat (Oman)
Misfat is a small village located near Al Hamra. Lost in the mountains, Misfat captivates with its serene atmosphere and palm grove. 
Muttrah is Muscat's old area. There’s a souq, a promenade along the sea, and really interesting craft shops.
Wadi Shab (Wadi Ash Shab in Omani) is about 2 hours along the coastal route from Muscat. It's a place that is really for adventurous travellers.
Wadi Bani Khalid is one of the most developed wadis in the Sultanate of Oman. It lends itself to nice walks and swimming. 
Wadi Tiwi is one of the most beautiful wadis in Oman. It will delight those who love hiking and beautiful landscapes. 
Muscat (Oman)
Muscat is the capital of Oman, a country situated on the point of the Arab Peninsula, between the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. A trip to Oman is really for couples or adventurous travellers.
Sour (Oman)
Sur is a town situated on the coast, southeast of Muscat. It's a destination for curious travellers who are interested in new cultures.
Khasab (Oman)
Khasab is the only city in the Omani enclave of Musandam. It's the necessary crossing point to discover the "fjords" of Musandam.
Nizwá (Oman)
Nizwa is in the interior of the country, about 2 hours by road from Muscat. It was once the capital of Oman. It's a destination for families as well as adventurers.
Rustaq (Oman)
Rustaq (known in Oman as Al-Rustaq) is around 2 hours inland from Muscat by car.
The Bimmah Sinkhole is a natural geological formation that formed a wide hole in the rock, at the bottom of which lies a turquoise pool. 
Sohar (or Suhar in Omani) is a port about 3 hours by road north of Muscat. It's a good place to stop for families as well as culture lovers and adventurers who are just passing through.

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