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A visit to The Sultanate of Oman means experiencing the land of the Arabian Nights: a country that bridges the cultures of Africa and India with a breathtaking mix of mountains, coastal plains and deserts. Located at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula on the shores of the Arabian Sea, the Sultanate of Oman occupies a land area almost twice the size of France, yet has only three million inhabitants. A land of myths and legends, it was the birthplace of Sinbad the Sailor. Oman’s geography offers visitors a selection of rich and varied landscapes: a vast desert covers the majority of the center of the country. High mountain ranges extend along its northern and south-eastern coasts (including Jebel ach-Chams with a peak of 3,009 metres), where you can experience deep canyons, cliffs, fortified villages and oases. Before leaving for the Sultanate of Oman, add two new words to your vocabulary: Dejbel (mountain range) and Wadi (the riverbed that irrigates the lush palm groves). Most cities, including the capital, Muscat, are located in the north of the country. Tourists also visit Oman for its seaside resorts, with superb marine life and corals that attract more and more divers travellers each year.

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Guide to travelling in Oman

A trip to the Sultanate of Oman is a chance to experience three exceptional natural deserts, seas and mountains that offer visitors a rich and varied journey. With its high dunes and rocks, the desert covers 80% of the country. Within reach of the capital (under two hours) is the desert and the possibility to discover the vastness of this terrain. Whether you camp in comfort or under the stars, it is an experience that will mark you for a long time. Take note that camping in nature is allowed anywhere in the country! Change your view of the horizon with more than two thousand miles of coastline. Oman is sometimes called the "Sultan of the Sea". Fjords, traditional villages and cliffs seem to plunge off into the sea, The Omani shores are extremely gorgeous and varied. The last item to mark your route to Oman is the mountains! The green, mineral and arid mountains have more than one face and are the ideal place for many activities. These mountains are home to gigantic caves. Oman's largest cave is one of the biggest in the world. It is called Majlis Al Jinn and it could contain up to eight Boeings inside its walls! Surprises are waiting for you in Oman!

When to go in Oman?

The best time to discover Oman is between October and March. You can enjoy pleasant temperatures and won’t be too hot. Beware if you go to the Southern part of the country: avoid the monsoon months, from June through September. You should also pay attention to the dates of Ramadan, during which many businesses close and various activities are impossible.
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