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The most important information when travelling in Nepal

Even for the most seasoned traveller, it's still important to be up to speed on Nepal before you arrive in the country. So, here's the lowdown:

Culture and Discovery

The formalities necessary for visiting Nepal

In this article we explain the necessary steps to visit Nepal in accordance with the rules.
David Debrincat6 October 2015

Security conditions in Nepal

Here is a complete round-up of the current security situation in Nepal and some information on how to behave in order to avoid any potential danger.
David Debrincat5 October 2015

The various means of public transport in Nepal

In this article you will find all the information necessary to help you choose the best means of transport for getting about in Nepal.
David Debrincat6 October 2015

Courtesy, customs and attitudes in Nepal

Here's some information on courtesy and how to behave during a holiday in Nepal.
David Debrincat29 September 2015

Your budget for a trip to Nepal

To help you work out a budget for your trip to Nepal, here is some information to give you a better idea of prices.
David Debrincat29 September 2015