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An update from Evaneos

Why go with an English-speaking guide in Morocco?

Morocco has a very rich and complex culture By going with an English-speaking guide, there are numerous benefits and you won't miss out on any aspect of this magnificent country .

Why go with a guide?

We are lucky as English speakers travelling in Morocco, as practically all Moroccans speak very good English, especially those working in tourism.

One of main inconveniences during a trip to Morocco is the constant hassle of tourists by sellers! So, a not insignificant advantage of having a local guide is the protection he will give you, preventing the many persistent sellers from approaching you.

There are many guides on offer for all types of trips, whether specialised or not. Before choosing your guide, please consult the extensive list of official guides in Morocco.

Activities requiring a guide

Certain activities will require a guide. Choosing to do these with an English-speaking guide will only make them more interesting. Perhaps you will see it as an inconvenience to start with but after all the guide will certainly be a bonus. Don't forget that he will know a lot about all aspects of the culture. His many anecdotes and stories will enrich your knowledge.

To be sure that he is an official guide, ask to see his guide identification which is issued by the Ministry of Tourism. Concerning official guides, if you plan to go walking in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, you must be accompanied by an official guide.

The High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Driving in Morocco is perhaps unconventional compared to Europe. It can be difficult, even dangerous to go onto the roads if you are unused to them. For less daring drivers, a private chauffeur could be the answer. With this in mind, if you plan to go into the Sahara you will have no option but to go with a chauffeur, make sure that he can also act as a guide to kill two birds with one stone.

Ultimately, your guide will make your tailor-made trip a great success.

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Updated 23 March 2018
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