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An update from Evaneos

In Morocco, don't forget to bargain!

When you are preparing your budget for your trip to Morocco it helps to know which part of the country you want to visit. Even though daily life is a lot less expensive than in Europe, the influx of tourists has led to a big rise in prices. Which is especially true in the most touristy towns.

A trip that isn't too expensive

For many years now Morocco has been a successful destination. You are guaranteed relaxation, sun, lots of different cultural experiences, delicious food and a more or less up to date infrastructure - what more do the hordes of tourists who go on a holiday to Morocco every year need? Even though that has led to a big increase in prices, you can still stay there without it costing a fortune. Another advantage is that if you want a really comfortable holiday you can always find something suitable.

There is an incredibly large choice of places to stay. From a very basic, and not very clean, room up to the most luxurious of riads, you are bound to find the level of comfort and service you are looking for.

It's the same thing when it comes to eating. There too, it depends on what you are looking for. From a table in a roadside cafe to the most fashionable restaurants of Marrakesh, you are bound to find what suits you.

And finally, transport is very cheap, providing you stay on the ground. Once you fly, the prices do too, depending on how attractive the destination is to tourists.

A Moroccan meal

Some prices

For the hardiest backpackers, you can negotiate a room for two people for as little as MAD 95 (£6.50) in Morocco. If you want something a bit more comfortable, there are some nice, mid-priced rooms between MAD 266 and 373 (£17 to £25.50). But visiting Morocco can also give you a chance to treat yourself. A luxurious room in a palace will only cost about MAD 1065 (£73) for a night in a fairytale setting.

If you stop at the roadside to eat in a typical restaurant, you can have a meal for less than MAD 42 (£3). But if you want to have a romantic meal with your partner in a fashionable restaurant you are looking at around MAD 420 (£30) per person. And, of course, it is usually the places owned by Europeans that are the most expensive. If you want good, authentic, local cuisine, you can have a feast for about MAD 128 (£8.75).

And finally, the cost of transport. A trip in a taxi in town will cost less than MAD 11 (about 75p). For longer distances, you need to add around MAD 0.50 (3p) per kilometre.

David Debrincat
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