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An update from Evaneos

Walks in the centre of Morocco

Go and discover this beautiful region on foot!


In search of rivers and waterfalls 


The central region of Morocco, which surrounds Marrakech has absolutely incredible nature. It is full of many walks and hikes, lasting an hour or some weeks, which will satisfy children and adults, city-dwellers and nature-lovers.

One of the best is found in the outskirts of Marrakech, in the magnificent region of the Ouzoud waterfall. These waterfalls, some of the most famous in all of Morocco, are utterly sublime and can be covered by foot in a day or over a number of days depending on which village you chose to leave from.

This is an opportunity to discover the beautiful surroundings, the many villages lost in nature, to go in search of shepherds with their donkeys, charming little streams where you can have a picnic or even sleep under the stars, and the many lost waterfalls, certainly less impressive than those of Ouzoud, but still very pleasant.

During a trip to Morocco, a very refreshing option is going for a walk in this region. The walks aren't particularly difficult around Marrakech and allow you to enjoy the beauty and being close to nature, without getting overly tired out.

There are a large number of travel agencies which suggest different hiking routes, guides and options, abroad and in Morocco. You will also find a lot of them on the internet which offers an array of packages. It's up to you to choose which suits you best. Do not hesitate to choose a menu option depending on the length of your stay, the weather and what you want to do. 

Taking on the mountains

For a lot of travellers on a trip to Morocco, doing a hike through the Atlas mountains is essential. Many sports lovers and nature-lovers come to Morocco and this region especially for walking and crossing the steep slopes.

There are many possible hikes and walks in the Atlas mountains. For the most sporty and keen, the famous Mount Toubkal climb can be done in a few days, with a good guide and mountaineering equipment. If not, there are still other much more accessible hikes in the high mountains of the High Atlas range which require less equipment and provide just as many delights and beautiful panoramas.

The Middle Atlas region is lower and therefore easier for beginners and less sporty people. There you will find many fertile valleys, such as ones with tropical oases in the middle of the mountains, with villages on the rock faces, multicoloured flowers and breathtaking panoramas. These are hikes which often follow the river and are not very steep or difficult. Therefore they are suitable for children.

Nina Montagné
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