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An update from Evaneos

Lazy southern beaches vs a buzzing urban north.

When you visit Baja California, you'll be entering a different Mexico. Its landscape is like no other you'll find in the rest of this immense country. It's a region that's often overlooked - big mistake!

From the industrial north

Tijuana is a famous, northern Mexican town. This chaotic, polluted border town also has a reputation for being corrupt. The town is known for its maquiladoras, large assembly plants that benefit from cheap labor and mass production. Still, it's worth visiting for a few hours or the day - Mexicans know how to attract and entertain gringos, the name given to Americans, equally applied to Europeans.

And whilst you're in the north I can recommend a stop at Ensenada. It's a great surfing spot with awesome swells. It's also wine production country.

Tourist attraction in the border town of Tijuana

To the touristy south

Whereas the north is known for its industry and proximity to the US, the south is Heaven on Earth, loved not only by 'gringo' and other visitors. The south of Baja California is perfectly placed between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. Only 80km seperates the two coasts.

Interestingly, the south is often touristy in winter. It's when people from the north of the continent head south to enjoy some better weather. And whales follow suit - it's during winter that they migrate to the warm Baja California waters to play, mate and give birth. Another reason why tourists flock to the region; it's an amazing sight! The best place for whale watching is the Laguna Ojo de Liebre. 

If you go to the southern tip of the peninsula, make sure you see the rock art at Sierra de San Francisco. Difficult to reach, but worth the while. If you're planning a trek, expect it to take around three days to reach the site. The trail is stunning and the mules do all the hard work. Knowing that four-legged friends would get me there in one piece was enough to convince me!

Finally, you musn't miss out on exploring the region's marine life during your Baja Californian adventure. Taking a dive or going snorkeling are essential items to put on your itinerary! Several areas are known for their amazing depths including Mulegé, Loreto, Cabo Pulmo and La Ventana. If you prefer to play on the water rather than in it, head to the great surfing spot of Todos Santos.

Baja California really is the perfect place for nature lovers and visitors who enjoy outdoor activities.


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