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The most important information when travelling in Malaysia

A few ideas and some practical advice to help you prepare a stay in exotic Malaysia.

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Culture and Discovery

Holidaying in Malaysia - what budget do you need?

Organising a trip often starts with working out a budget based on the daily or monthly living costs of the destination. Here's an idea of the average cost of living in Ma...
Emilie Couillard30 October 2015

Malaysia today

Malaysia has been in full development in recent years, particularly thanks to tourism. This tiger of Asia is one of the richest countries of south-east Asia and remains r...
Paul Engel8 October 2015

Malayan history, marked by a European presence

Here, in a nutshell, is the History of Malaysia from the arrival of the European colonists until its independence.
Emilie Couillard30 October 2015

Religious practices in Malaysia

Religion in Malaysia is divided between Islam, Hinduism and Christianity. Here's an overview of this Southeast Asian country's principle religions....
Emilie Couillard30 October 2015

Geography, flora and fauna in Malaysia

In this article you will find a description of the geography and the flora and fauna of Malaysia.
David Debrincat9 October 2015
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