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Cities in Iceland

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The best cities to visit in Iceland

Shaped by volcanoes and the surrounding ocean, Iceland is a country of immense natural beauty. This isolated Atlantic island is unlike anywhere you've been before - it's home to glaciers, geysers, graceful waterfalls and, of course, the famous Blue Lagoon. In the cities in Iceland, you can enjoy a warm welcome from the locals, taste unique Nordic cuisine, and have the perfect base for exploring the island. It's no wonder why Iceland tops many bucket lists.

What makes Iceland's cities unique?

Iceland is unique for being one of the few places where you can spot the magical and elusive Northern Lights. And what's more, as well as incredible natural sights such as the Golden Circle and huge Gulfoss waterfall, the cities in Iceland offer visitors first-rate comfort, coziness, and amenities.

The top cities in Iceland to include in your itinerary

Whether you're dancing under the midnight sun in Reykjavik or listening to the distant lapping of the sea in Vik, each city in Iceland offers a fascinating insight into this mystical land. At Evaneos, we work with expert local English-speaking guides who can help you create your dream Icelandic adventure.

Experience the cultural capital of Reykjavik 

Reykjavik is among Europe's standout capital cities. Home to the famous Harpa theatre, iconic Hallgrimskirkja church, plenty of bars and restaurants, and the Blue Lagoon, it's the perfect introduction to modern Iceland.

Hidden charm in in the north in Akureyri

Feel on top of the world in the energetic town of Akureyri. The epicenter of Iceland's fishing industry, it's a bustling hub of museums, restaurants, breweries, and more. From here, you can also embark on whale-watching voyages.

Step onto the black sand beaches of Vik

Find true peace and stillness in Vik. The southernmost village is home to just 300 people but is known for its quaint Vikurkirkja church and famous Reynifjara black sand beach. It's the perfect place to be at one with nature.

Glaciers and breathtaking scenery in Hofn

A small community located at the southeastern tip of the island, Hofn boasts some of the country's best scenery. It's also close to the Vatnajökull National Park, where you can see enormous glaciers and camp out in the peaceful countryside.

Visit Selfoss, Iceland's river city

A stopping point on the Golden Circle, Selfoss in en route to some of Iceland's most iconic waterfalls. However, this town is best known for hugging the banks of the Ölfusá river. This quiet town provides a lovely insight into day-to-day Icelandic life.

Tips for planning a city break in Iceland

One of the best ways to see Iceland is by hiring a car. Iceland has an excellent highway network so you can easily reach anywhere you want to on your trip. The weather is famously unpredictable even in the summer months, so it's wise to bring warm clothes whenever you visit. Evaneos' local partners can provide the best insiders' tips and planning advice for your trip.

When to go in Iceland?


The best time to go to Iceland is in the summer: the temperatures are pleasant and the days are long. Depending on the region you are going to, you can also go in May or September, when there are fewer tourists and the climate is still pleasant, but be warned: some trips and sites are closed during these months. Between October and April, the country is nearly always in darkness, but you can see the magnificent aurora borealis if you are ready to brave the cold and the night.

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