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Iceland is a land of great natural beauty, inspiring both myth and legend. But beyond the folklore, Iceland wellness vacations are a great way to have a relaxing break. Not only does Iceland's beautiful countryside make it an idyllic destination, but Iceland promises organic, geothermal springs, rich in healing properties. Discover these mineral-rich waters on a wellness trip in Iceland alongside cool sea therapies and delicious and healthy organic local cuisine.

What makes Iceland a great destination for a wellness trip?

Iceland is home to the Blue Lagoon, a naturally-heated spring famed the world over for its healing properties and minerals. The wonders of Iceland aren't limited to hot springs, though, with one of the lowest rates of smog in the western world and a night sky rich in stars, mostly free from light pollution. Organic and healthy food is also on the menu across the country, making Iceland one of the best wellness locations in the world.

The best wellness experiences in Iceland

Iceland is a perfect destination if you’re seeking a wellness break. You can relax in geothermal pools, indulge in healthy, nourishing food and get fit while hiking across its beautiful landscapes. 

Take a dip in Iceland hot springs

Iceland has a huge number of hot springs thanks to its natural volcanic landscape. The most famous geothermal spring is the Blue Lagoon, famous for its algae that transforms the water into a bright blue color. All springs are rich in naturally occurring minerals which boost health and vitality

Hike in Thingvellir National Park

Experience the remarkable diversity of Icelandic geography by exercising and breathing in the country's infamously clean air on a hike in Thingvellir National Park​. A great way to add adventure to your trip, admire incredible waterfalls and geothermal pools on this romantic and peaceful trail. 

Enjoy sea therapy at Nauthólsvík Geothermal Beach​

At Nautholsvik Geothermal Beach​​, hot water from the geothermal springs mingles with the cool seawater, infused with minerals from the Arctic. Relax and recline in these healing waters and feel the calming natural environment soothe your body. 

Indulge in organic food

Iceland has a rich, organic, farm-to-table (and ocean-to-table) tradition. At farmers’ markets and in restaurants, you can indulge in healthy, nourishing fresh produce, from favorites like pickled herring to hearty soups like Kjötsupa.

Cycle in an incomparable landscape

Iceland has one of the most unique landscapes in all of Northern Europe, and it offers plenty of opportunity to engage in exercise, such as cycling across the Atlantic Ridge Mountains, where you'll gulp in clean Arctic air. From volcanic rock to crystal-clear fjords, the landscape will wow.

Tips for planning a wellness getaway in Iceland

For the ultimate wellness trip in Iceland, it's best to visit in the summer months. The long days of near endless sunshine and mild temperatures mean you can pack light and make the most of the great outdoors. However, the hot springs are still toasty in winter, and you may see the northern lights if you visit then.

When to go in Iceland?


The best time to go to Iceland is in the summer: the temperatures are pleasant and the days are long. Depending on the region you are going to, you can also go in May or September, when there are fewer tourists and the climate is still pleasant, but be warned: some trips and sites are closed during these months. Between October and April, the country is nearly always in darkness, but you can see the magnificent aurora borealis if you are ready to brave the cold and the night.

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