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Known as the land of fire and ice, Iceland is full of Mother Nature's magnificent works. On your Iceland family vacation, you'll be amazed by its coastlines with rugged fjords, and active volcanoes and lava fields in its interior. Horse-filled grasslands, waterfalls, and geysers add to a magical vacation for young and old.

What makes Iceland a great destination for families?

Unique wildlife, natural phenomena, and wide-open spaces make for adventurous family trips in Iceland. A vacation in Iceland for kids is a stunning introduction to ecological wonders that can't be found anywhere else. The unique landscape makes for both a dramatic and idyllic destination for a memorable vacation.

Best things to do in Iceland with kids

A vacation in Iceland is even more fun with the activities your family can enjoy here. Whether it's off-road tours in SUVs, horseback rides, or hikes, your family is sure to have fun. There's also added thrills with activities like surfing and whale watching.

  • Swim in geothermal pools

Pure glacial waters and volcanic processes give rise to numerous geothermal pools that you can't miss on your Iceland family vacation. Reykjavik's Laugardalslaug pool is an excellent choice for soaking or splashing around just like the locals. For another popular experience, stop at the famed Blue Lagoon and float in its mineral-rich, milky blue waters.

  • Marvel at the beautiful waterfalls

In many parts of Iceland, you’ll find water cascading throughout the country's varied geological formations. Get your camera ready for the majestic Gullfoss falls and capture the beautiful scenes at this landmark on Iceland’s Golden Circle. Stroll through Vatnajokull National Park and experience the dramatic drop of the Svartifoss waterfall from its base.

  • Delve into Viking history

An Iceland vacation for families wouldn’t be complete without learning about the country’s Viking history and heritage. Reykjavik’s National Museum of Iceland has a collection of fascinating artifacts that provide reminders of its Viking past. These magnificent exhibits include riding gear, brooches, and amber necklaces. A trip to Borgarnes' Settlement Center museum introduces you to the life of the area’s original warrior-poet, Egil Skallagrimsson.

  • Head out on a hike

A hike is a great way to explore Iceland with your family. The country is famous for its unspoiled terrain and breathtaking views that offer excellent opportunities for hiking. For example, Mount Esja offers numerous trails for different ability levels around the peak and all the way to the top. The Kjolur trail is excellent for beginners, and its plateau route includes opportunities for hot spring bathing.

Tips for planning a family vacation in Iceland

Book your vacation through Evaneos to access the unique expertise of English-speaking local guides who know their country inside out. These guides will tailor your trip to fit your family's needs. We recommend you rent a car in advance if you want to enjoy the flexibility of a self-drive road trip. Check out the best time to travel in Iceland, and make sure you dress appropriately for the weather, as Iceland's northerly location means cooler temperatures than most other locations. Looking for something a bit warmer, perhaps? Check out our other great destinations for families.

When to go in Iceland?


The best time to go to Iceland is in the summer: the temperatures are pleasant and the days are long. Depending on the region you are going to, you can also go in May or September, when there are fewer tourists and the climate is still pleasant, but be warned: some trips and sites are closed during these months. Between October and April, the country is nearly always in darkness, but you can see the magnificent aurora borealis if you are ready to brave the cold and the night.

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