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Best places to visit in Georgia

Georgia is a top-quality destination: it is at once personal and spared from mass tourism, at once incredibly beautiful and boasting extremely diverse scenery in a limited area. It is home to the Caucasus mountain peaks, valleys filled with vineyards, a subtropical coast by the Black Sea, high plateaus and half-deserts...

Georgia has the attraction of an ancient and original culture which has left behind a colossal heritage. Medieval churches perched in impossible locations, fortresses with a very Oriental aspect, thermal baths, authentic villages... Not to mention Tbilissi, the charming, lively capital, overflowing with art and history, boasting dozens of churches, mosques, museums, sulphur baths and beautiful houses, typically surrounded by large balconies which allow residents to appreciate the southern climate and to laze about, Georgia-style.

Any visitor to Georgia will without doubt feel themselves succumbing to the charming hospitality of the inhabitants, which is just as the myths would have it. Fans of wine, dancing and polyphonic chanting, and proud of their delicious cuisine, the Georgians know how to entertain. They know how to share their traditions in a friendly way, such as that of banqueting, where the host is considered holy.

On the country's roads, you can bathe yourself in the Black Sea at port Batoumi, stroll around the old town of Sighnaghi, with its Tuscan ambiance, or wonder at the treasures of the spiritual capital, Mtskhéta. You can enjoy horse riding on the shepherds' highlands at Tusheti, climb up to the defence towers of Ushguli, in the high mountains of Svaneti, wind your way through the remote villages of Khevsureti. You can hike in the verdant nature park of Bordjomi-Kharagaouli, take part in the wine harvests at Kakhéti or check out the steppe at Vachlovani. Or choose to marvel at the amazing cave sites of Vardzia , Uplistsikhe and David Garedja !

Nicolas Landru
A pleasant spa town nestling deep in a steep-sided valley, Borjomi is a charming place, and a great destination for a relaxing break away from it all.
At 3431 metres of altitude, Azuta Pass is one of the highest foot passes in Georgia. It separates the two highest regions of the east of the Georgian Caucasus: Tusheti and Khevsoureti, in the heart of wild mountains.
The Mirgvella pass is one of Tusheti's strategic axes: through it, you can go by foot, on horseback or by jeep between the three mini regions of Pirikiti, Gometsari and Tchaghma. From Omalo, it's the main route of access into Pirikiti.
Diklo (Georgia)
Diklo is a town at the edge of Tusheti's Tchaghma region and sits on the border with Dagestan (Russian Federation). It's dotted with ruins of defensive towers and boasts shepherds' houses built from dry stone.
Girevi (Georgia)
Girevi is the last village of the Pirikiti valley. Remote and close to the Chechen border (Russian Federation), it exudes beauty, harshness and austerity. Above the village is a picturesque group of defensive towers.
Lost in the mountains of Tusheti, Gogrulta is a traditional, picturesque village, inhabited during summer by Tusheti shepherds.
Gometsari is one of the four high mountain valleys that make up Tusheti. Inhabited by shepherds in summer, scattered with ancient villages, wild and untamed: this is the ideal destination for hikers and horse trekkers.
Gudauri is Georgia's biggest ski station. It's in the heart of the Greater Caucasus, easily accessible from the capital, with modern infrastructure and interesting slopes.
Kharagauli is on the doorstep of the Bordjomi-Kharagauli National Park in the Lesser Caucasus. A small railway town in the narrow Imeretie Valley, it's a great departure point for hikes.
Lagodekhi National Park is one of the two major natural parks of Kakheti. Covering the southern slopes of the Dagestan range, it offers all the different stages of mountain landscapes, as well as waterfalls, canyons, lakes and snowy peaks.
In the east of Georgia, on the fronier with Azerbaijan, is Vachlovani National Park, with its magnificent wild landscapes and deserts.
Parsma (Georgia)
Parsma enjoys being on a magnificent site, on a hill which looks over the Pirikiti valley, itself surrounded by high mountains. The shadows of its defensive towers spread out along the crest is one of the most characteristic sights in the valley.
A big river in Eastern Georgia, the Alazani bathes the whole of Kakheti. From Akhmeta to Sighnaghi, the great wine-growing region of the country opens up along the water, at the foot of the picturesque Dagestan Mountains.
The monasteries of Shuamta are among the most famous of Kakheti. Old Shuamta is a fifth century chapel that stands alone on a hill of the Gombori Mountains; the new one is a nunnery with a sixteenth century church.
A fortified town located in the eastern part of Georgia and lying 90 minutes from the capital Tbilisi by minibus.
Chesho, with Dartlo, is the village with the most inhabitants in Pirikiti. Dynamic, with several renovated houses and some turned into guest houses, it's the ideal place to stay in Pirikiti. The ruined fortress is photogenic.
Zovata (Georgia)
Zovata or Tsovata is one of four communes in Tusheti. Abandoned by its inhabitants, its a 'ghost' valley boasting stunning scenery and home to fascinating ruins left by the Batsav, the Chechens' Tusheti forefathers.
The capital of Mingrelia is a town that's home to 50,000; a vibrant, green hub that benefits from a sub-tropical climate. People come here for its lush, botanical gardens and the Dadiani Palace, a Georgian castle constructed in a European style.
Gori (Georgia)
Situated in the heart of the country, Gori is famous for being the birthplace of Georgia's most famous man: Joseph Stalin.
Telavi (Georgia)
Telavi, capital of the wine-producing Kakheti region, has no particular draw - but its central location makes it an ideal base for exploring the area.
Abano Pass (2926 metres) is the highest paved mountain pass of the Caucasus. It connects the Tusheti and Kakheti, separating the north Caucasus from the south.
Ikalto (Georgia)
Situated 10km to the west of Kakheti's capital, Telavi, the Ikalto Monastery (or Ikalto Academy) is an interesting site in a beautiful setting.
Second largest town in Georgia, Kutaisi has a superb old town as well as several, stunning religious sites.
Mukhrani, a small town in Kartli, the historic cradle of Georgia, contains a number of significant remnants of the country's glorious history. With its impressive castle, its two churches and its château and surrounding wine estate, the town makes for an interesting place to visit.
Nokalakevi is a major archaeological site in western Georgia, and the biggest in Mingrelia. The extremely well preserved ruins of this 6th century fortress dominate the River Tekhuri and the Colchis plain.
Vani  (Georgia)
Vani is Georgia's most famous archaeological site The ancient capital of Colchis has given enormous treasures to archaeologists, of which a number are visible in the archaeology museum today.
Batumi (Georgia)
A popular Georgian holiday spot, Batumi is a buzzing, elegant town by the Black Sea.
Chabano is a small village in the Tianeti area, in the Sagami valley, on the southern foothills of the Great Caucasus.
A dusty mining town at the gateway to the southern Kakheti steppe. Not too interesting in and of itself, it provides access to Vachlovani National Park and the beautiful archaeological site of Khornaboudji.
Gurjaani, a town that looks very Soviet, is the economic capital of Kakheti. Wine growing is a deep rooted part of their culture and the locals are at their most pleasant during the grape harvest and at table.

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