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Best places to visit in Georgia

Georgia is a top-quality destination: it is at once personal and spared from mass tourism, at once incredibly beautiful and boasting extremely diverse scenery in a limited area. It is home to the Caucasus mountain peaks, valleys filled with vineyards, a subtropical coast by the Black Sea, high plateaus and half-deserts...

Georgia has the attraction of an ancient and original culture which has left behind a colossal heritage. Medieval churches perched in impossible locations, fortresses with a very Oriental aspect, thermal baths, authentic villages... Not to mention Tbilissi, the charming, lively capital, overflowing with art and history, boasting dozens of churches, mosques, museums, sulphur baths and beautiful houses, typically surrounded by large balconies which allow residents to appreciate the southern climate and to laze about, Georgia-style.

Any visitor to Georgia will without doubt feel themselves succumbing to the charming hospitality of the inhabitants, which is just as the myths would have it. Fans of wine, dancing and polyphonic chanting, and proud of their delicious cuisine, the Georgians know how to entertain. They know how to share their traditions in a friendly way, such as that of banqueting, where the host is considered holy.

On the country's roads, you can bathe yourself in the Black Sea at port Batoumi, stroll around the old town of Sighnaghi, with its Tuscan ambiance, or wonder at the treasures of the spiritual capital, Mtskhéta. You can enjoy horse riding on the shepherds' highlands at Tusheti, climb up to the defence towers of Ushguli, in the high mountains of Svaneti, wind your way through the remote villages of Khevsureti. You can hike in the verdant nature park of Bordjomi-Kharagaouli, take part in the wine harvests at Kakhéti or check out the steppe at Vachlovani. Or choose to marvel at the amazing cave sites of Vardzia , Uplistsikhe and David Garedja !

Nicolas Landru
A little village in the heart of the Kakheti vines, near Telavi. Made up of houses surrounded with green gardens covered with arbours, it's a nice place to stay if you want to visit Kakheti.
Sadakhlo is a village in the extreme south of Kartli, peopled mainly by Azeris, and home to the main frontier post with Armenia.
Tusheti is one of the most exciting destinations. This extremely mountainous and incredibly remote land is filled with picturesque villages with intriguing architecture, large wild areas perfect for trekking and fascinating cultural attributes.

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