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An update from Evaneos

Snuŏl (Cambodia)

Practical information on Snuŏl

  • Encounters with locals
  • Countryside
  • Off the beaten track
3 / 5 - One review
How to get there
60 km from Kratié by car
When to go
From November to March
Minimum stay
A few hours

Reviews of Snuŏl

David Debrincat Seasoned Traveller
459 written opinions

The little crossroads town of Snuol, around 60 km from Kratié, is famous for its culinary speciality: grilled spiders.

My suggestion:

All the buses stop here. So this is it – your "dream" chance to try an enormous tarantula grilled in front of your very eyes.

My review

Though Snuol is just a small crossroads town, it is on the way to becoming one of Cambodia's popular tourist destinations.

When you visit the traditional, pretty market, it's time to ignore preconceived notions; forget the kinds of food you're used to eating in the UK, and sample some of the riches the countryside around Snuol has to offer … and all 100% organic! With stunned tourists looking on in amazement, dozens of market sellers grill their enormous spiders. Everyone has their own favourite way of eating them: the whole thing in the mouth in one go, or little pieces one by one. You have to try it first though. And surprise surprise, once you get used to the idea of having a tarantula between your teeth, it's actually pretty good. I really liked it myself. Let me know how you find it, and share your favourite recipes with me.

Snuol's spiders