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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s infinite beaches

Feel the golden sand slide between your toes. Sunbathe while reading a novel on the beach. Explore the seabeds with a snorkel. Meet the island's fishermen. Eat grilled fish with your feet in the water. These are some of the numerous things you can do during your trip to Sri Lanka. Let’s discover the four best sun-kissed beaches in the South coast and what you can do in each area. The South coast is worth to see because it is made up of tranquil, remote beaches, breathtaking landscapes, wild nature and charming fisherman. Let’s explore:

1. Weligama: fishing from a perch


Fishing on stilts is a very old tradition among the fishing families of Galle that is passed on from generation to generation. One of the places where it's still possible to see the ancestral technique is in the port of Weligama. The locals are aware of the attraction and use it in their favour. Thus, every time you take a picture you have to pay for it.

2. Mirissa: music, whales and grilled fish


Mirissa has become very popular for its whale watching trips, thus the beaches are quite crowded. The main beach resembles Thailand, with its little restaurants and bars where you can party all night. In front of each one there is a little stall with the day's fresh fish. You can choose which one do you want and in seconds it will be served. If you are looking for a calmer place, you can go along the coast towards the Bandaramulla temple.

3. Talalla: the secret beach


Most travellers pass Talalla beach without even noticing it and that's for the best. It is calm and peaceful. There aren't many places to stay - a handful of establishments share the rare areas where construction is authorised. Talalla is the place to go if you want to sit down, observe and appreciate the beautiful nature. Every morning the local children come to play sports on the beach, while the fishermen repair their wooden boats. In the evening, you can watch a spectacular sunset from the cliffs. 

4. Tangalle: creeks and peacocks


There are at least a dozen little creeks on the west coast of Tangalle, each more charming than the other, perfect for those who would like to relax. Take the time to walk along the coastal path which goes from Tangalle to Goyambokka and crosses most of the town's beaches. There are numerous peacocks -  in the branches, under the trees, all around the path. Tangalle is the perfect place to observe green turtles from the Rekawa beach. We would recommend going from April to September.

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