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What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Oman

One thing is certain: the destination doesn't appear in amongst the top ranks of the most touristic countries in the world. Especially given the recent global events and its proximity to Yemen, numerous tourists have been discouraged from going for a trip to Oman. It's a great shame because the country is very beautiful and despite everything, by deciding to go there you will at least have the privilege of not feeling hustled by mass tourism. First and foremost, pack your suitcase.

Faced with soaring temperatures in this part of the world, take mainly light clothes. Ladies take note: don't take crop tops with an overly low neckline, definitely leave shorts behind. In Oman, it is normal for women to only wear clothes which cover their arms, legs and shoulders. The same applies for men when visiting religious sites. To withstand the sun, bring a cap and some sunglasses.

You will also have the most difficulty finding pharmacies as soon as you leave the capital, Muscat, and you find yourself in the middle of the desert. So bring basic mediation to cure everyday pains. Bring a good sunscreen so that your holiday isn't ruined by sunburn. Just in case, take some Biafine to soothe burns.

To bring back beautiful pictures of your trip and so when you return you can show the destination to family and friends, you will need a camera or video camera and enough memory cards to store it all. If you decide to hire a vehicle for more freedom, you should be able to show your international driving licence. As with any journey, it is always wise to put a photocopy of your passport in your suitcase. It will be useful if you happen to lose the original. Your credit card will also be useful for withdrawing cash.

If you have chosen to go to Oman, you already have a great adventurous spirit. It will be vital for your trip.

Things to put in your suitcase

  1. Your essential adventurous spirit for discovering a place like Oman
  2. Your international driving licence to hire a vehicle and get behind the wheel
  3. A camera or video camera to show the country to family and friends
  4. A credit card for withdrawing cash
  5. A photocopy of your passport, always very useful in case you lose the original
  6. A good sunscreen to avoid roasting yourself in the space of two minutes
  7. A mosquito repellent
  8. A complete first-aid kit
  9. Long clothing for women throughout the trip and for men and women for visits to religious sites
  10. Light clothing, Oman has soaring temperatures
David Debrincat
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