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On the island of Masirah, pristine beaches and traditions

Located in Oman,Masirah is an island that has recently been opened to tourists. It has retained its authenticity and values. It is a popular place for divers, whether it be with scuba gear or a snorkel. The island is also still a bit untouched with many wild animals.

Getting to Masirah: two very different trips

Masirah is located just off the coast of Oman. Travel times are not determined in advance. In fact, it depends on the tides. Don't be surprised if you don't see any schedules when you get to the island. There's a ferry that makes daily trips, but it really depends on the sea and the moon. So you might end up waiting for a few hours at the port, but it's really worth it.

There is another option: private individuals, with smaller boats, will surely offer to take you across for the same amount. That would prevent you from having to wait too long at the port. If you do that, you'll board small boats that have powerful engines: but watch out, it'll blow you away! Families travelling with small children should probably take the ferry. The main disadvantage to taking the smaller boats: you won't be able to take your car to the island.

Explore the Masirah wildlife

Theisland of Masirah offers astounding wildlife: from September through October, you may get the chance to view sea turtles nesting on the beach. This is a unique experience, which is becoming more and more rare to observe. 

Sunset on Masirah Island, Oman

To the East and West of the island, you can enjoy diving, with just fins, a mask and snorkel, and admire the many species of fish, and maybe even get the chance to see some dolphins.

Masirah's surf spots

Masirah is very vulnerable to wind. That's why it's also a popular surfing destination. In fact, there are a few great surf spots, especially on the island's East Coast. 

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