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Ambositra (Madagascar)

Practical information on Ambositra

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4 / 5 - One review
How to get there
A 56-mile drive from Antsirabe by car or coach
When to go
Between April and October (dry season), hurricane danger between late December and mid-April.

Reviews of Ambositra

Seasoned Traveller
73 written opinions

This city of 33,000 inhabitants excels in marquetry and woodcarving. In fact, Ambositra is the capital of artisan craftsmanship. Its inhabitants’ talents come from the art of the Zafimany, the forest people.

My suggestion:
Between August and September in Ambositra is the time of the Famahadina. A "turning of the bones" ritual, a symbolic act that gives rise to festivities that last for several days.
My review

Of course, Ambositra has its Rova, a former royal residence found in many cities, that you'll come across regularly during your trip to Madagascar. All across the city, the colour red is dominant, with traditional earth homes having balconies that show off the woodworking art of its inhabitants. And you have to see the beautiful sculptures overlooking the tombs in the cemeteries. Statuettes, the famous geometric patterned boxes, as well as basketry, pottery, mats, and items made from zebu horn... There's quite a wide selection! You can even taste local honey, as many beekeepers have chosen to make the area their home.

In the surrounding area, about an hour's walk away, you can admire the Andriamamonta waterfall, regarded as a place of purification. And at a height of 4400 feet above sea level from the city's viewpoint, you can admire rice terraces, fields and eucalyptus forests...

Ambositra, Madagascar