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Iceland off the beaten track

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Go off the beaten track in Iceland and discover its hidden wonders. While Iceland is famous for its natural beauty, there's much more than just the Blue Lagoon and central Reykjavik. Iceland is an increasingly popular travel destination, but when you explore its small towns and hidden natural gems, you'll discover the full extent of its charm.

What’s the best way to travel off-the-beaten-track in Iceland?

Most visitors stick to the south when visiting Iceland, but the intrepid traveler will find plenty to discover in the north. See the aurora borealis when you stay at a remote lodge or explore lava fields on horseback and venture to rarely seen glaciers.

Best off-the-beaten-track activities and experiences in Iceland

Iceland off the beaten path means exploring, whether by foot or car. The capital, Reykjavik, is an excellent starting point for many of the country's best experiences.

  • Enjoy the quiet on a red sand beach

    Iceland is known for its volcanic black sand beaches, but you might not know about its red sands. Rauðisandur Beach in the Westfjords region is located in a tranquil undeveloped area, with its immaculate sands seemingly changing colors based on the daylight.

  • Explore the capital of the north, Akureyri

    Akureyri is the largest town in Iceland's north, but it's less frequented by international travelers. You'll be rewarded with visits to stunning fjords in the area, and be charmed by this small town's colorful architecture.

  • Drive through Landmannalaugar's mystical terrain

    This is an excellent excursion idea if you're staying in Reykjavik. On this trip, the capital's cityscape gradually gives way to a solitary road leading to lava fields and ash plains. Rent a car to see it independently, or take a bus from Reykjavik and sit back and enjoy the views. Bring your camera with you to capture gorgeous Landmannalaugar's otherworldly atmosphere.

  • Hike the isle of Vestmannaeyjar

    Vestmannaeyjar is a small island off Iceland's southern coast that's reachable by ferry. It's a small and picturesque parcel of land, perfect for coastal hiking. Horseback riding is another popular outdoor activity on the island. There's also an excellent natural history museum with an aquarium here.

  • Experience the thrill of ice climbing

    Ice climbing is the ultimate adrenaline-fueled activity in Iceland, perfect for visiting thrill-seekers. The Sólheimajökull glacier in southern Iceland is one of the best places to do it, and it's not far from Reykjavik. Knowledgeable guides provide insights on the glacier's history and significance during your ice climbing tour.

Tips for planning an off-the-beaten-track adventure in Iceland

Most off-the-beaten-track trips to Iceland involve exploring its legendary outdoors. A good coat and walking shoes are essential for this. If you're relaxing in the towns and cities, bringing swimwear is a good idea for hitting the geothermal baths. Iceland is one of the world's safest countries and Evaneos partners with local English-speaking expert guides who will help you make your trip fun and unforgettable.

When to go in Iceland?


The best time to go to Iceland is in the summer: the temperatures are pleasant and the days are long. Depending on the region you are going to, you can also go in May or September, when there are fewer tourists and the climate is still pleasant, but be warned: some trips and sites are closed during these months. Between October and April, the country is nearly always in darkness, but you can see the magnificent aurora borealis if you are ready to brave the cold and the night.

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