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An update from Evaneos
Czech Republic

The Czech Republic today

It would be an insult to the Czech Republic to say that going there would have little impact on your trip. Here are some interesting points to take into account,

A stable and prosperous economy

Of all the countries in eastern Europe, the Czech Republic is one of those which has best managed, objectively, the end of the USSR and the end of state communism. From the Velvet Revolution (17th to 24th November 1989) to today, the country has been obligated to dismantle one of the most rigid planned economies ever seen and to organise a transition towards a market economy, all whilst ensuring its own economic and legislative preparation to the enlargement of the European Union. With a transition to the Euro which will not be, best case scenario, on the horizon until 2019-2020, the Czech Republic continues to use Czech currency and has solid guarantees for the future: serious guarantees for the tourist!

A secure destination

According to the "Advice to travellers" column by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there is little to fear during a trip to the Czech Republic. My different experiences there tend to confirm this statement: I've never felt in danger in this country! Although its tourist affluence has meant an increase over time of some activities (pickpocketing has risen slightly, classic exchange rate scams), Prague and the rest of the Czech cities don't seem to have any serious security worries. Perhaps it's that, finally, the biggest problems are really caused by the thirsty hoards coming from England (amongst others), attracted by pints of beer for £1...

A tourism in constant development

Still very active, the Czech tourism office highlighted, in 2014, other aspects than those previously brought to mind when presenting the country as "The Land of Stories". Hoping to present the destination from its lesser known angles, the emphasis was placed in its historic heritage (numerous castles), protected nature (South Bohemia) and its preserved industrial heritage (the coal mines in Moravia). The Czech Republic now presents itself as a green destination and offers numerous solutions to attract and seduce different audiences. For the moment, the gamble has paid off!

Cedric Tinteroff
44 contributions