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Czech Republic

The most important information when travelling in Czech Republic

Here is some practical information to help you prepare for a stress-free stay in the Czech Republic.

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Culture and Discovery

The Czech Republic today

A relatively young country, independent since 1993 with the division from Slovakia (which together formed the defunct Czechoslovakia), the Czech Republic has quite quickl...
Cedric Tinteroff4 December 2015

What are the prices like in the Czech Republic?

Find all of the practical information before estimating your budget.
Timothée D.4 December 2015

Discovering the cultural marvels of the Czech Republic

In this article you will find the titles of a few books and movies that will help you discover the cultural and historical heritage of the Czech Republic.
Timothée D.4 December 2015

A short course on the geography of the Czech Republic

If Prague is the jewel in its crown, the Czech Republic is far from limited to its illustrious capital, and abounds with sumptuous landscapes to discover. Take the time t...
Claire Perrin4 December 2015

Discover the Czech Republic through its history

The complex and fascinating history of the Czech Republic is well worth getting to know, as it will help you to make the most of your trip to one of Europe's most beautif...
Claire Perrin4 December 2015
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