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With diverse traditions, Colombia’s festivals are some of the most entertaining events in the world. The country hosts numerous colorful festivals and carnivals throughout the year to mark their history and traditions, from food and dance festivals to flower displays and literary celebrations.

What makes Colombian festivals and Carnivals so special?

Festivals in Colombia are marked with great parties. They offer fun-filled activities for adults and children alike, and promise to keep everyone engaged and thoroughly entertained. Carnivals in Colombia offer a perfect opportunity to learn and experience Colombian culture, whether it’s through traditional food, music or live performances. Expect colorful fireworks displays and wild, all-night parties where you can mingle with locals and really get to see this country’s warm, welcoming side.

Most iconic festivals and carnivals to experience in Colombia

The festivals and carnivals in Colombia attract millions to the country throughout the year. These include renowned artists, writers, and a large number of domestic and international visitors. The Colombian calendar is packed with numerous festivals and carnivals, displaying their national love for parties and celebration. Here are some of the best. 

Enjoy art at the Ibero-American Theater Festival

For lovers of both art and theater, the Ibero-American Theater Festival is the perfect event for the vacation itinerary. Held in the capital city, Bogota, this festival is the largest of its kind, showcasing over 900 theater productions from local and international companies.

Take part in the wildest party at the Barranquilla Carnival

This four-day festival is held in February and features colorful parades, music, drinking and dancing. Hosted in Colombia's "party city" of Barranquilla, the festival is the largest in Colombia. 

See incredible displays at the Medellin Festival of Flowers 

Horticulture lovers should plan their Colombia vacation around visit this amazing festival held every August. The Festival of Flowers sees the entire city of Medellin in party mode, with parades and competitions that showcase hundreds of different flower varieties. Proud citizens participate in this breathtaking spectacle while visitors admire the many impressive floral displays. 

Be entertained at the Cali Fair in Santiago

This end-of-year celebration pays tribute to the local salsa music and dance scene. It attracts talented local and international dancers to Santiago, where they showcase their skills at public concerts. It includes ballroom dancing and a beauty pageant, so be prepared to party.

Get reading at the Bogota International Book Fair

This event is held annually in April or May. The festival is essentially a huge gathering of writers, illustrators, publishers, editors, and readers from all over Colombia and the world. It is the most significant cultural event in Colombia and transforms the city into the world's biggest library.

Tips for visiting Colombia's festivals and carnivals

To get the best experience at one of Colombia’s festivals, make sure you book flight tickets and accommodation well in advance. You should also brush up on your Spanish to make communication easier, and pack a comfortable pair of shoes, as you’re likely to be on your feet a lot at any of the best festivals in Colombia. 

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