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From the 'lost city' to the wilds of the Amazon jungle, hiking in Colombia offers travelers the chance to discover rich and diverse landscapes, stunning wildlife, and fascinating cultural and historical sites.

What makes Colombia a great destination for hiking?

Colombia is a vast country, much of which is made up of untouched natural environments. The Pacific coastal region is largely covered in dense jungle, as is the southeast of the country, which is part of the Amazon basin. There are also three ranges of the Andes here, offering spectacular mountain trails, as well as stunning coastline such as the Sierra de Nevada de Santa Marta.

The best places to go hiking in Colombia

When planning your hiking adventure in Colombia, you'll have a wide range of landscapes to choose from, from lush rainforest dotted with ancient sites, to scenic mountain trails and secluded beaches. What's more, hiking in Colombia allows you to see some of the country's most remote and beautiful ancient ruins.

Discover the Lost City

The 'Lost City', known locally as Cuidad Perdida, is believed to have been founded by the Tayrona people over 1000 years ago. To reach it, you'll need to embark on a four to five-day trek through coastal jungles, but catching sight of the mesmerizing ancient treasure makes it well worth the effort.

Hike to the beautiful beaches of Parque Tayrona

Some of the best hikes in Colombia can be found along the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range, and arguably the most accessible of these are in the Parque Tayrona national park. Many of the short hikes here lead to the park's many stunning beaches.

Admire the giant palm trees in the Cocora Valley

The popular Cocora Valley hiking trail starts in the small coffee-producing town of Salento, before passing through farmland, woodland, and cloud forest. It ends in the impressive Cocora Valley, famous for its 200-foot tall palm trees, the tallest in the world.

Climb a volcano at Purace

Purace National Park is located in the high altitudes of southern Colombia. Along with hiking past Andean lakes, waterfalls, and hot springs, hikers can scale the challenging Purace Volcano.

Take in the peaks and valleys of the Andes in El Cocuy

El Cocuy national park covers a stunning portion of the Andes, with glacial lakes, rocky canyons, and snow-capped mountains. Visitors can enjoy three challenging trails in this remote park.

Tips for planning a hiking tour in Colombia

The best time to go hiking in Colombia is from December to March when the weather is generally dry. During other months of the year, heavy rain is common which can make hiking trails difficult and in some cases impassable. Rain is possible year-round so be sure to pack appropriate wet-weather gear. Conditions are hot and humid in most of the country, so remember to bring a large water bottle or camel pack. Evaneos' expert local partners can recommend other specialized equipment to take and which trails will suit you best.

When to go in Colombia?

Being close to the Equator, the climate of Colombia is rather uniform. The dry season lasts from December to March and should be preferred to avoid visiting Colombia in the rain. The wet season lasts from April to November, with very heavy rainfall. You should adapt your trip to these variations, as well as to the differences between the different regions: a tropical, and therefore very wet, climate in Amazonia, a harsher climate in the mountains and semi-desert in the Guajira. You should also avoid the weeks between mid-December and mid-January throughout country: they are very crowded with Colombian holidaymakers.
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