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Hiking in Tasmania or Into the Wild

The Natural State of Australia counts no less than 17 national parks. That means there are plenty of great hikes to do and fine memories to bring back home.

A hike in Freycinet National Park 

Magnificent Wineglass Bay is without a doubt one of the wonders of Tasmania and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Located in Freycinet Peninsula, this bay has the form of a perfect crescent moon. Its turquoise waters contrast with its fine white sand, which can hold its own against that of any tropical island.

You can reach Wineglass Bay after a two-hour hike from the entrance to Freycinet National Park. An easy walk which begins by climbing a steep hill and passes through the peaks of the Hazards Range, leading to a rocky panorama. Take a break up there and pull out a bottle: it's the ideal place to enjoy a glass of wine while enjoying the magical views of the bay. Finish your hike by descending to the beach and splash into the water. You can even sleep on the spot: an area is specifically provided for campers.

This hike is part of the Freycinet Experience Walk which is carried out with a guide over four days and a distance of 30 to 37 kilometres, depending on the route chosen. It is organised during the summer: from November to late April. The place to go for enthusiasts...


Lake Saint Clair-Cradle Mountain: into the wild

Lake Saint Clair-Cradle Mountain National Park offers what is probably the quintessence of hiking in Tasmania. Tucked away in a lush natural setting, it feels like a different world, one that is of thousands of miles away from the bustle of the city life. Every year, this national park, which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, attracts beginning and experienced hikers alike. Roughly 8,000 hikers tread the Overland Track, the most famous hike in all Australia. Its 65 kilometres of trail offer you 6 days of unforgettable hiking in the heart of the mountains.

Hardly has the sun touched the peaks of Cradle Mountain than the first hikers are on the trail for Marion's Lookout, the first stop of a long series. During your journey, you will have ample time to explore the little detours, including mythical Cradle Mountain (a climb which can also be done in a day) and Mount Ossa, but also to take breaks to ease your aching muscles. Take your time and admire the prairies, forests, lakes and streams. Get your fill of fresh air! Watch out where set your feet. The tiger snake is never far away: although very shy, it is also considered to be one of the most dangerous snakes in Australia. At a turn in the path you might also meet with wombats, pademelons and possums or, much more rarely, the Tasmanian devil that has almost disappeared today.

The beach in Wineglass Bay

The gentle tranquillity of Liffey Falls

Located in the north of Tasmania, at an hour's drive from Launceston, Liffey Falls is a little haven of peace. A nature trail leads to Liffey Falls, where you can picnic and relax. 

There are several hikes available to tourists: a 40-minute circuit to Liffey River, a three-hour circuit to Gulf Road or the Liffey River Track, which only takes 90 minutes. A piece of cake compared to the Overland Track! Open your eyes and pull out your camera to enjoy the beautiful waterfalls, enchanting flora and beautiful viewpoints of Drys Bluff. Pay attention to the sounds around you: you may hear the songs of pink robins or green rosellas during your walk.

Attention: If you are planning a hike over several days, don't hesitate to invest in a guide and make sure you are well equipped. You will only enjoy your stay in Tasmania that much more.

Aurélie Chartier
34 contributions
Updated 29 March 2018

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