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What to do in Australia?

A favourite destination of those fond of new experiences, of young adults in search of adventure, Australia is the ideal place to recharge your batteries in a setting that is both a change of scene and yet familiar. If many things will seem unknown to you, other things will make you feel at home in this country, which is a skilful blend of British and Aboriginal heritage. You will see that in Australia, barbecue culture is everywhere, that on the beaches, you find ready-to-use appliances! You will see also, that surfing is not a legend, but is really part and parcel of Australian culture. You will be surprised at the dozens of wild and extraordinary sites that the country has in store, like the Bungle Bungle Range, a real treasure. You will also understand that Australia is the place where human and animal interaction happens all the time. On Kangaroo Island, you will come close to koalas comfortably seated on their eucalyptus branch, just like you will swim alongside dolphins. Going to Australia is going to meet a country full of resources capable of satisfying the desires of both families and the most foolhardy.

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