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An update from Evaneos

Safety in Uzbekistan: no major danger

Uzbekistan seems like a fairly safe country. It's nevertheless recommended to take the appropriate precautions especially in big cities and on public transport.

Attitudes to adopt

A journey to Uzbekistan does not pose any major danger on the obvious condition that you remain vigilant and don't display too many exterior signs of wealth. As in everywhere in the world, poverty, associated here with the presence of the Turkish mafia, breeds a little crime. It's therefore preferable to pay attention to your belongings to not attract pickpockets. Avoid wearing jewellery, taking money out in the street or on the metro, close your bag properly and everything will be fine.

The biggest worry during a trip to Uzbekistan is the corrupt police, always on the lookout for a bribe. It's therefore advised to adopt a polite attitude and to avoid all contact with them. Also try to avoid putting all of your money in the same place in case you can't escape a mugging.

Public transport doesn't pose any major danger during the day or at night. Buses, trains and taxes are frequently used by Uzbeks who enjoy getting to know one another.

For women travelling alone it's best to sit close to other women to avoid uncomfortable situations. Western women actually have the reputation of being easy so whilst you shouldn't be paranoid, it's also wise to adopt appropriate and discreet behaviour.

Military in Uzbekistan

Zones to avoid

Owing to its geography bordering Kyrgyzstan, Tajikstan and Afghanistan, we strongly advise against going to these border areas which are also subject to special authorisations due to the presence of mines.

The threat of terrorism is also present but it seems that it's in the process of improving. It's best to respect the appropriate safety rules to guarantee a calm trip to Uzbekistan.

Even though a trip to Uzbekistan doesn't pose any major danger, it's wise to consult the Foreign Office website to check the zones which are closed or considered at risk.

Caroline Guibert
22 contributions