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Uzbekistan, pure, infinite land

Deserts, mountains and steppes as far as your eyes can see, strewn with oasis, lakes, glaciers and rivers, that is what a trip to Uzbekistan offers, from the Aral Sea to the foothills of the Pamir.


Uzbekistan resembles an authentic, pure, infinite land , vast areas as far as your eyes can see and an almost unexplored region. The country's geographic configuration can be split into three distinct areas which make up its diversity and singularity.

A trip to Uzbekistan above all is an adventure in the middle of the desert. The famous "red sands" of the north-west (one of the biggest deserts in the world) which continues to the "black sand", also respectively known as Kyzyl Koum and Kara Kum occupy 80% of the area themselves alone and perfectly define this infinite land.

The east of the country is the area of high peaks, snowy mountains culminating 4,300 metres in altitude, and majestic glaciers on the slopes of the Tian Shan and Pamir mountain ranges. These same glaciers give rise to three main rivers irrigating the country: Amu Darya, Syr Darya and Zeravshan.

The Fergana Valley is without doubt the country's most fertile region due to its warmer climate. It's in this pure, infinite land where you can admire cotton fields, vegetables, melon and brightly coloured fruits.


Landscape in Uzbekistan


During your trip to Uzbekistan, your will enjoy a continental climate, dry, with very cold winters, particularly in the west where the Siberian winds rage and very hot summers, even torrid. Precipitation is rare in Uzbekistan


During your trip to Uzbekistan, you will have the chance to discover an exceptional, rich and varied fauna and rare species such as the Saiga antelope and the famous snow leopard, living in the mountainous areas. With its 15 national parks, there is a vast choice of birds, reptiles and amazing turtles in the desert.

Caroline Guibert
22 contributions