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Get around in Uzbekistan

Getting around in Uzbekistan isn't too much of an issue if you have the time. There is a vast choice of modes of transport. Here is an overview.

In the city

Tashkent, the capital, has an extensive transport system with many means of getting around: bus, metro, trolleybus, tram and taxi. During your stay in Uzbekistan, you might struggle to work out which of these options is best.

There are three metro lines, which provide an economical way of getting around the city. It's worth travelling on the metro at least once, so that you can appreciate its clean decor. The urban bus network may be well developed, but unfortunately it is not well signposted, the destinations aren't marked and journey times are unpredictable. The most common mode of transport is minibus, which tends to be practical and user-friendly, although it may get busy. Trolleybuses and tramways often prove a practical means of getting around the city. However, they are liable to break down quite regularly. As far as taxis are concerned, fares are generally quite modest but it's advisable to know where you're going. The driver will not always know the names of the roads or the address.

The country's other cities and towns have far less developed transport systems. Taxis and minibuses are generally the best way of getting around in Uzbekistan.

Local airline

In the country

During your stay in Uzbekistan, remember that journeys can prove to be long and uncomfortable. Larger towns and cities are connected by rail, bus, sharing taxis and air. Your choice of mode of transport will probably depend on your budget – and your taste for adventure.

The roads are in a very precarious state, and for safety reasons, it is not permitted to hire a car to travel around in Uzbekistan unless you have a driver. The bus network is developed. Routes often run at night but you shouldn't expect high levels of comfort or speed. However, this is the most authentic means of getting around.

Trains are dirty, often packed full and not always very safe, so it is recommended to avoid them wherever possible. However, there should be no problems between the larger tourist cities and towns.

It may seem a good idea to resort to a shared taxi, but this can also prove difficult as it is necessary to find fellow passengers.

During your stay in Uzbekistan, it is recommended that you take travel around by air. There are daily connections between all the principal cities and towns. Yet, again you shouldn't expect the highest levels of security.

Caroline Guibert
22 contributions